Ha Thanh village’s communal house
Ha Thanh village’s communal house (located in Vinh Thanh Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province) is about 20 kilometers southeast of Hue City center. It was built in the second year of Gia Long reign (in 1803).
Ha Thanh village's communal house as seen from above
Ha Thanh village's communal house as seen from above





Previously, the villagers of Ha Thanh village had celebrated the death anniversary of the village's God in this place (which is now Vinh Thanh Commune). In addition to the worship ceremony, the villagers had often organized folk games, including unicorn dancing, Hat Boi (drama performed mainly through gestures), and boat racing, etc.

The communal house, with an area of ​​​​over 5,000 square meters, is located in a prime location, in front of which is a vast stretch of Tam Giang Lagoon. The communal house yard is wide with four obelisks of five to six meters high, carved with unique patterns and frames of couplets made from broken porcelain pieces, bearing strong imprints of time...

The communal house was built with the architecture of a wooden Ruong house with traditional tiled roof. The complex of columns, trusses, and beams, etc., were carved with sophisticated patterns by the skillful hands of talented artisans of the ancient capital... All of them are bearing strong imprints of Hue traditional folk style.

With its value of ancient architecture, Ha Thanh village’s communal house is a destination for folklore researchers and visitors who love ancient architecture to pay a visit…

The obelisks and guarding screen are placed in front of the communal house, in the traditional style of the Central region’s communal houses

The unicorns are arranged around the communal house area

Inside the communal house, there are also ancient horizontal board with calligraphy words beside the altars

Ancient types of porcelain were attached on “dragons and phoenixes” by the artisans, creating a dignified antiquity

The wooden doors had been fading with time

The purlins were meticulously carved by talented artisans

Sets of shields and swords are placed on both sides of the altar

Folk art researchers are studying about Ha Thanh ancient communal house

The village owner and village association regularly preserve the communal house and rituals following local customs and traditions

Under the morning sunlight, the communal house is more beautiful and ancient

Visitors also often come to visit the communal house

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