Huyen Khong 1 pagoda
The pagoda with gorgeous architecture located in the heart of Hue ancient capital. With unique architecture and tranquil scenery like in Heaven, Huyen Khong Pagoda is a tourist destination not to be missed when coming to Hue.



Located in Nham Bien village, Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district, Huyen Khong Pagoda, also known as Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda, is about 10 kilometers to the west of the city center and about 3 kilometers from Thien Mu Pagoda. This is a tourist destination you do not want to miss when coming to Hue. Photo: B, yennn8, Minh Giai.

Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda is a combination of Hue, Indian and Japanese architecture. This pagoda’s precinct is quite large with an area of about 6,000 square meters, planned into a quiet landscape filled with green trees. Photo: _Ha.98, Dan Phuong.

In the precinct, there is also the Dai Giac Tower, built based on the model of famous great towers in India. Bright yellow of spires of the tower and strikingly white of its body, which was engraved with many Indian patterns, create a unique background for photographing. However, the size of the tower is smaller in order to be in harmony with other buildings of the pagoda. Photo: Phuong Nguyen, Ngoc Hanh

Huyen Khong Pagoda attracts visitors by its ancient space and the harmonious combination between Hue architecture and Japanese-style elegance. The Luong Dinh red-tiled roof, glossy wooden pillars and lanterns gently swaying in the wind create a quiet space in the heart of Hue ancient capital. Photo: Lam Bao Khanh, Ngoc Hanh.

As this pagoda is a spiritual tourist destination, you should pay attention to wear polite clothing when coming here. Ao dai and conical hats are highly recommended when visiting the pagoda. In addition, visitors also need to keep quiet, avoid making loud noises and affecting the solemnity and tranquility of the pagoda. Photo: Ngoc Hanh

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, if you intend to travel to Hue, you should take efficient preventative measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands with soap, limiting contact with foreigners and so on. Photo: Thecorgisaurus, Lam Bao Khanh

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