Hon Chen Temple's festival
The festival takes place twice a year- in the second Lunar month for the Spring ritual ceremony, and in the seventh Lunar month for the more formal Autumn one.

The ceremonies are organized on Ngoc Tran Mountain and Hai Cat Village Temple with every kind of pennons, parasols, fruits, joss sticks and lamps…as well as crowded boats and junks on the bank of Perfume River, which creates a bustling scenery. 

Hon Chen Temple festival is to honor the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na in Champa religion, who the Viet people have transformed into an image of the Great Nother blessing the villagers. 

The festival includes several religious rituals of profound folk traditions, and other strange ones, creating an animated as well as sacred atmosphere. The festival has now been preserved and developed, which means restoration of a typically cultural tradition for a local.


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