Hue Mussel Rice
Hue City has not only poetic landscape with Perfume River but also ancient palaces and tombs. "Com Hen" is traditional dishes of the Hue. "Com hen" is mixed with many rustic foods such as: banana flower, laksa leaves, peanuts… All things mixed with spices to make a bowl of "Com hen" - specialty of Hue.

Components to make “Com hen” is not simple, it includes a dozen kinds of spices. Everything is harmony; it is just spicy, fleshy, and sweet by water. In Hue, “hen” is not as big as other one but the broth is very charming. A delicious bowl of “Com hen” is indispensable chili. The Hue eats every dish with chili. They said that this hobby complies with the balance of yin and yang. Weather in Hue is cold; the annual rainfall is large so that people have to eat more chili to bitter cold.

“Com hen” has in the whole Hue city; however, connoisseurs would know “Com hen” that is the most delicious is in Vi Da village. Vi Da village is far about 1 kilometer from ancient palace to the southeast. Here, “com hen” went into poet named “Day thon Vi Da” (Vi Da Hamlet) of Han Mac Tu. In Vi Da, if you want to enjoy delicious “com hen”, you should come to “con Hen” – an small “oasis” in the middle of Vi Da. Coming to Hue, if you rows boat from Dong Ba market, it will enjoy interesting feeling. However, com hen is royal specialty, it is very cheap. People here usually have breakfast with “Com hen”. “Com hen” is always in the minds of people of Hue or people who have lived in Hue. The foreign guests such as Australian, American, especially Japanese and Korean, appreciated that “Com hen” is very delicious and special.

Reference Address:

1. Com Hen Trương Định (02 Trương Định streets

2. Com Hen Hoa Đông (64/7 Ưng Bình streets

3. Com Hen - 17 Hàn Mặc Tử streets
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