Y Thao Garden
Y Thao Garden is a garden-based restaurant with the capacity up to 150 seats.

Inside a green garden full of eastern style with bonsai and ponds as fresh points of the garden and the house, you will find different spaces. The main house was built in early of the Twentieth Century, where you can feel the holy place of a family and an ancient space with a collection of “Blues de Hué” porceland and Mirror Pictures (pictures drawn directly from the back side of the mirror) of Nguyen Dynasty. One side of the house, out of it, is a small traditional wooden house of the Eighteenth Century model. This would be a wonderful place for small groups because of its warmness space. Another side is also a wooden house, traditional and bigger for larger capacity. Next by it, a modern space with glasses around to make it open to the garden. Moreover, another open space along the house would bring the green to you also.

As another aspect of culture of Hue, we focus on catering and the quality of it. We would like to introduce cooking style of our family and subsequently Hue people. You would enjoy the traditional food of Hue with local taste and full of art. Here, you can find the combination of two trends of Hue’s cusine – Royal style and specialities of local people. Royal cooking style appears with beautiful presentation, while local food is typical dishes of Hue that a Vietnamese always mention when they talk about Hue food.


Y Thao Garden
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  • Y Thao Garden is a garden-based restaurant with the capacity up to 150 seats.
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