Launching Hue Brass band
13/01/2021 8:33:32 SA
Xem cỡ chữ:
On the morning of January 1, the Hue Brass band made its debut at Nha Ken (Brass House.)

Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phan Ngoc Tho handing over the decision to establish Hue Brass band Club. 

After a time of campaigning, Hue Brass band was established with the support of organizations, units, businesses, and individuals, heading towards the periodic performances, contributing to preserving the unique culture and spreading music in the community. 

Hue Brass band includes 50 members, in which there are 40 artists playing wind instruments. The club has developed the plans and models of weekly professional performances at Nha Ken and other destinations, as well as built up the plans to perform at Hue Festival and other provincial festivals. 

The club has also planned to train musicians, add new members, maintain and develop the club on the basis of socialized operation in the future, etc. 

Mr. Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc, a writer, Chairman of the Union of Literature and Arts Associations, Head of the Campaign for Hue Brass band establishment said that the restoration of Brass band is an urgent requirement to both preserve the uniqueness of Hue cultural tradition and bring in culture and art atmosphere to Hue cultural space. 

At the launching ceremony, Hue Brass band performed the items including the Medley of Hue Royal Court Music, Happy New Year, La Paloma, Hue – Sai Gon – Ha Noi, Giving love to the Hue land, etc. 

Story and photo: Trang Hien