Canh Duong Beach
Canh Duong is the most beautiful beach of Thua Thien Hue, about 60 km from Hue city between the two mountains: Western Chan May and Eastern Chan May. With the length of 8 km, 200m wide, bended in arc shape, all those create a very beautiful and attractive landscape.

Gradually sloping beach, white and fine sand, transparent and limpid sea water and fairly windless, the beach is ideal for all activities of tourism and sport.
The most beautiful and striking feature of the beach is its shape. The arc shape of the picturesque locale makes it a stand out among the numerous tourist attractions of Vietnam. Canh Duong Beach is considered to have the most stunning backdrop of the mountains namely Western Chan May and Eastern Chan May. The beach is sandwiched between these two mountains which incidentally gives the arc shape to the beach.

Besides the characteristic arc shaped feature, the gradual slope with the white powdery sands coupled with the turquoise blue water are the attractive traits of the beach. The environment always remains charming with the windless surrounding making it ideal for the all sorts of activities associated with sea water.

Once on the beach, you are bound to fall in love with the place. The serenity and the beauty of the place will surely engulf your senses and will leave you captivated. Enjoy the very best of your leisure time by simply chilling out under the sun or you may choose to stay cool under the shades of the green coconut tree. Watch the waves in the playful mood striking the white sand and the waves falling apart. At night enjoy the thrilling view of the moonlit beach illuminated with a silvery beam of light. You just cannot escape the beauty of the place.

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