Going along Truoi River to visit Truc Lam Monastery
Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery (Loc Hoa, Phu Loc), which is about 40 kilometers away from Hue City, looks like a jewel among the vast forests and mountains, attracting many Buddhists and visitors to meditate and enjoy the landscape.

The beautiful landscape of the monastery during the rainy season

In the middle of Bach Ma mountain and forest, Truc Lam Monastery leans and reflects itself on the vast Truoi Lake. Being built in 2006, along with Lang Co, Lap An Lagoon, and Voi Stream, etc., Truc Lam Monastery is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Phu Loc. 

To get to the monastery, you have to get on a boat to cross Truoi Lake. Each boat trip lasts 15 minutes, which is a romantic and poetic trip with the cool lake scene. 

Immediately in front of your sight is a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, with the majesty in the sitting meditation position on a small island. From the distance, buildings of the monastery are shimmering in the shade of trees; the scene is as fanciful as found in other lands. 

After climbing a total of 172 stair steps, the monastery campus appears with green trees. There are the main ceremonial hall, the main hall and buildings in the majestic Monastery complex, all are immersed in the majestic nature. 

Standing on the monastery and casting your eyes forwards, you will see the majestic mountain stretching endlessly. In front of your eyes is the large and emerald green Truoi Lake. The boats carrying visitors, which are already so big, seem just as small as the dragonflies. 

The immense and tranquil space will give you a sense of peace and relaxed when arriving at this place. Wild chickens sometimes appear, they scramble to find each other, and thrust their feet on dry leaves among the trees. 

In the dry season, the lake is dry under the sunlight, revealing brightly colored rocks. Therefore, in the summer, many young people go to Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery to check-in and/or camp by the lake.

It is no need to prepare lots of things. A tent, a light bulb, and a lighter are just enough to create a magical and immense space by the side of the Bach Ma Range, filled with mist.

Summer camping on the romantic rocky shore

The rainy season in the monastery is the season of the Elysium’s beauty. The lake water level rises, the greenery mingles with the color of water. The boundary between mountain and lake is blurred, in harmony with each other. Also, with the meditation characteristics soaked in every leaf, blade of grass, and the beauty regardless the rainy or sunny weather, Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery is always bustling with visitors, especially on Tet holiday.

Following the footsteps of visitors from many places, many amateur photographers have chosen the monastery as a place to earn their living. Most of them are female; whose luggage brought to the monastery are their talent of photography and the courage of the profession. 

In the current technology age, instant photos are no longer the optimal choice when visiting and traveling. On the lucky occasions of the day, the photos, given to visitors, also carries three words of “bread and butter”, besides the beauty of people and mountains. 

Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery, which is immersed in the river, lake, and mountains, not too far from the city center, but also not too close to the noisy and bustling place of normal life, is the suitable destination for everyone. 

For the kids, this is a bustling place with river and water. For the young people, the monastery is magnificent by its poetic beauty. For the old ones, the mountain place is a big “friend”, adding the peace of mind in their old age. 

And for me, Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery is very peaceful, and a destination every year. How about you? Will you go to the monastery? I believe so!

Story and photos: TUE LAM

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