Hue through various colors of direct painting
Young artist Tran Ngoc Sy has offered classes of experimental painting for Hue young people with painting activities across places from Thuan An and Hai Duong beaches, Cha mangroves, Vong Canh hill, to the Citadel and ancient pagodas.

It’s not just a range of colors

Tran Ngoc Sy’s class of experimental painting is near Vong Canh hill. The idea of offering a class of experimental painting occurred just as soon as he launched his studio. To him, paintings contain not only the hues but the painter’s mind and soul.

Tran Ngoc Sy said: “each member joining the experimental painting will chose to paint in class or experience direct painting at well-known destinations, landmarks or calm places in Hue. Painting tools and frames, and colors are provided by the studio. They only paint, immersing themselves in nature, and feeling the space, light, and color at the right moment for creativity.”

A peaceful corner at Vong Canh hill

Each site he selected has its own beauty. In the area by the sea, the liberty and generosity are felt in each painting. Waves, rows of casuarina, white sand beaches and golden sun light have become attractive in his the paintings.

In Cha mangroves, spindly branches, green leaves, blue sky and cyan water all make a magic material for direct painting. In the ancient pagodas or relics, the historical imprints through moss-covered tile roofs and the calmness are inspirational to those who wish to immerse in nostalgia.

A painting of greenness in Cha mangrove

Many young people have experienced activities of this experimental painting class. They find it interesting for its diversity and attractive due to its accessibility to anyone. Huynh Thi Thu Hang said: I happened to get involved in this activity when I arrived at Vong Canh hill with friends. It was not only me, but the whole group were fascinated by the scene and colors. We spent four hours painting Vong Canh hill under the rain and immersing in the magical romantic atmosphere.

Crafting happiness

Joining the direct painting activities at different sites without companionship, Huu Quyet from Phu Vang has his own reflection.

He said frankly: “I study in art-related field, so I am familiar with landmarks in Hue. Yet I developed a profound sense of scenery beauty and sentiments of the mind and soul through direct painting activities.”

These reflections actually meet the objectives Tran Ngoc Sy set. He believed that staying in a green atmosphere and freely displaying creativities would heal, create a state of tranquility and network members.

Happiness from experience and exploration

He said: “Whether or not the participants have painting skill is not important. It is important that they have an opportunity to present their creativities and inner feelings. I hope that they will understand themselves and cherish every moment of their life as tomorrow will be different from today.”

Enjoying pleasant liberty, relaxing the mind and soul through strokes and colors, beholding landmarks and creating colorful paintings of various figures and shapes are what direct painting has offered.  It is an interesting choice, among various options, made by those who love exploring Hue in a new way. Isn’t it reward that one can craft his own work of colors – the color of joy and happiness, which is closely tied to his experience in the mid of busy life?

Story: Mai Hue. Photos: Tran Ngoc Sy
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