SUP rowing in the highland area
As walking through the shady primeval forest, Cha Linh stream (in A Roang commune, A Luoi district, which is located in the southwest and 70 kilometers away from Hue city), experiencing visitors are able to recreate their inspiration, and recharge energy.
Experiencing SUP rowing in the highland area
Experiencing SUP rowing in the highland area

Beside the beautiful scenery, cool air, happy chirping birds, this place is also the location of Lo Xo ravine with both calm water and flowing water, as the source of water is clear and cool, visitors can freely surf and row SUPs there.

It might be surprising that many people once heard about going to the highland area to row SUPs. For a long time, the image of young people together rowing SUPs on the poetic Huong river, or Tam Giang lagoon might be more familiar, as the water is not too rippled, one can feel both safe and relaxed in a sense of peace.

That difference makes the experience of rowing SUPs in the highland area just more special. During the experiencing walks, travel workers in A Luoi and visitors have discovered the joy of rowing SUPs in Lo Xo ravine at Cha Linh stream (a common name used by the locals). There is no denying that what nature has offered to this place make that experience enjoyable and emotional.

Lo Xo ravine - Cha Linh stream is located deep in the primeval forest in A Roang commune. From Ho Chi Minh Road, visitors can only travel by motorbike for about six to seven kilometers, and then, they have to walk for about 30 minutes.

Under the shady forest canopy, the experiencing visitors can relieve the feeling of fatigue. When arriving at Cha Linh stream, its cool and clear water, along with beautiful scenery, will make anyone easily forget the walking journey that they have just done.

Rowing SUP in the area of ​​Lo Xo ravine - Cha Linh stream

Nestled in the deep forest, the ravine water is always cool, clear and clean. Lo Xo ravine - Cha Linh stream has deep puddles, but there are also shallow puddles of less than one meter. Nature has arranged in this place so that it has both puddles with calm water and those with flowing water from streams, which is suitable for experiences with thrills.

Lo Xo ravine is wide enough to freely row SUPs. If visitors want to be safe, they can choose calm water. For young people who like sensational games, rowing SUPs in the flowing water is what makes many people infatuated.

Those who have ever rowed SUPs on rivers and lagoons in the lowlands will find that conquering the water surface of flowing water is not easy. Although it is not like the rafting adventure tours in Da Lat, it also requires the experiencing visitors to exert themselves and have the ability to keep balance.

Though A Roang commune is quite far away from the center of A Luoi district, it does not make the experience difficult for visitors. Since the locality developed the model of eco-tourism and community-based tourism, visitors’ desire to experience have gradually been met.

In addition, visitors coming to Cha Linh stream do not need to prepare much to experience rowing SUPs. After making deal, the locals providing the community tourism also become the guides, they bring the SUPs and life jackets to Lo Xo ravine - Cha Linh stream to experience with visitors.

On weekends, let’s leave the bustle of the city behind and relax in Cha Linh stream, or try to conquer the feeling of going upstream against the current in the puddles with flowing water; seeing the blue sky, swaying trees, and listening to birds singing overhead in the highland area, you will find yourself refreshed and recharged with "clean energy".

I once heard someone liken: "Rowing SUPs is like a therapy to heal the invisible "wounds" caused by the stormy life". Perhaps, that statement is a bit huge, but it is indeed possible to find some peace after hard working days. If you do not believe yet, when this pandemic ends, let’s spend your free weekends experiencing it with your relatives, friends, or your better half.

Story: HUU PHUC - Photos: HO VAN NGHIA
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