Hue Science Festival 2018: “Health Sciences improving Medical Care and Community Health”
With the theme “Health Science improving Medical Care and Community Health”, the Hue Science Festival 2018 will take place from April 27-29.

The Science Festival is the connection among researchers and lecturers with the people in Hue, Vietnam and other countries. This is a platform for them to share their ideas and learning experience in the field of health sciences in an attempt to improve health care and public health in the future.

The Hue Science Festival is an opportunity to introduce the scientific achievements in Hue, aiming at enhancing scientific knowledge and bringing about benefits in health care, including discussions with high school teachers and students, revision of the undergraduate programs and support for the training of MSc and PhD of international standards.

Many other events will be held within the framework of the Hue Sciences Festival to discuss about the advances in health sciences and provide opportunities for young researchers to present their research and exchange experiences.

The Festival also includes public events, such as Health Day, forums of "Healthy Kids Development" and "Health - Welfare for Adolescents". In order to create a new energy for the Hue Science Festival 2018, there will also a Photo Contest titled Health Sciences Improve Health Care and Public Health with the participation of many potential photographers.

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