Boat racing on the sea
According to the elders in Phuong Dien village, Phu Dien commune (Phu Vang), boat racing on the sea festival was born around the 17th century - the time when the village was established. This festival has been preserved and organized each 3 years until now.
Preparing for the race
Preparing for the race

It is not only a joyful and exciting festival to show off localite's boating skills, to do exercises, as well as to honor excellent rowers, but also a professional spiritual activity to pay tribute to the ancestors. This is also a chance to pray for a smooth sailing, favorable fishing and prosperous life...

Therefore, although very excited, these fishermen do not focus too much on winning or losing. For them, it is a festival for relatives and clans to reunite and relax after long fishing trips on the sea. So, even though winning the Offering prize - the most important one, the rewards for the racing teams are mainly spiritual cheers.

Having the opportunity to experience and cheer for this festival, Hoang Phuoc, the author, captures the joyful and lively moments when the rowers and fans enjoy the race.

Preparing for the race

Excited fans

Emotion burst out

Planting flag when reaching the finish of the race

Enjoying the victory

First boat getting to the finish line


By Thua Thien Hue Weekly

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