Home library - the perfect space for book lovers
2/15/2023 4:31:22 PM
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Having a home library is a wonderful thing for those who are passionate about reading. This space also helps us to relax after a stressful and tired day.

A reading room is a place of relaxation after stressful hours of work

An indispensable corner

Having a mini library at home is a current popular trend. Not only does it exude knowledge, it also contributes to the development of healthy reading habits for the family, particularly for young children.

Returning to his familiar home after work, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thien (Phuoc Vinh ward, Hue City) said that he felt like all his pressure and troubles at work melted away every time he entered the reading room inside his house.

With his love for books, he built and designed for himself a large bookcase in his study, overlooking the cool glass window. The majority of the books are the ones that all family members can read. 

“To me, a reading space is a bonding place for family members. When everyone shares a love for reading and enjoys the same book, they will have a need to discuss the books they have read or are currently reading and ask questions about certain details, symbols or images they don't understand,”Thien said.

Creating a highlight

Once visiting the house of my friend, Te Minh Son, a researcher working at the University of Sciences, Hue University, I was delighted with the mini library built into his room. The space was designed to maximize natural light, creating a comfortable and well-lit reading environment.

Mini libraries are often attached to home offices

According to Le Nghi Minh Hieu, an architect in Hue City, the reading room can also be combined into a workplace. As a result, many people arrange their libraries in a quiet area to reduce the impact on their work.

A reading room can be located on the top floor of a house or in a secluded corner, but with access to nature. Book shelves don't necessarily have to be placed in a reading room or a study, but can utilize any available space in the house. Tight spaces between windows or walls in a living room can also be great book storage areas. One of the creative ideas when designing book shelves is to incorporate them with the staircase. This design trend not only takes advantage of the space under the staircase, but also allows for comfortable reading anywhere in the house, even in the corners of the staircase,” says architect Le Nghi Minh Hieu.

Mr. Hieu also adds that the color scheme in a reading room plays an important role in inspiring book-lovers. Warm or neutral colors such as maroon, brown, or woody brown are believed to bring depth, calmness, and serenity to the room.

Having a mini library at home is a unique idea for book enthusiasts. Make the most of the space in your home by decorating it to your liking, satisfying your desire to read. Your home will become more unique with a collection of books, inspiring the whole family to read.

Story: Khanh Chu. Photos: Provided by the character