A Magical Journey with the “Festival of Lights”
6/12/2024 10:44:26 AM
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On the evening of June 8th, the "Festival of Lights" kicked off at the courtyard of Thai Binh Lau and the Thieu Phuong Garden within the Imperial City of Hue.

Through the combination of technology and creative techniques, an immersive journey unfolds at Thai Binh Lau and the Thieu Phuong Garden, blending academic exploration with interactive experiences while always emphasizing aesthetic elements. These locations come alive with dazzling displays, adorned with thousands of sources of light that breathe vitality into buildings, gardens, trees, rock formations, and even bodies of water, offering viewers an immersive experience immersed in a surreal universe throughout the exploration of sound and light.

Taking place within the framework of the Hue Festival 2024, the Light Festival is the result of collaboration between French and Vietnamese teams. The project will illuminate Thai Binh Lau for two weeks with visually and sonically creative works designed for the Hue Festival.

This event follows the Hue by Light project - The live show, featuring 12 outstanding sound and light installations. At the festival, visitors feel like they are embarking on a poetic journey within the heart of the Hue Citadel, exploring the surreal and interactive digital art space at Thai Binh Lau and its surrounding area.