Spreading the beauty of Hue through paintings
6/18/2024 8:35:16 AM
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 Quoc Hoc - Hue High School as depicted by Dao Nguyen Tai.
Born and raised in Hai Duong commune (Hue City), Dao Nguyen Tai (born in 2002), a student of Applied Arts Department at University of Arts, Hue University, has quietly expressed his love for Hue through lines, colors, and images. Tai's passionate and creative paintings have contributed to spreading the beauty of the Ngu Mountain and Perfume River region.
Quoc Hoc - Hue High School as depicted by Dao Nguyen Tai.

From his early school days, the beauty of his rural homeland, illustrations in textbooks, children's stories, and his first drawing exercises have captivated Tai. His love for artistry grew. After graduating from high school, he pursued his passion by enrolling in the Multimedia Art program, part of Applied Arts Department at University of Arts, Hue University.

After theoretical classes, Tai would explore the relics and scenic locations of Hue, capturing photos and taking notes for creative inspiration. Tai shared, “Hue has many places to explore. Proud to be a child of Hue, I want to express my love through paintings. Immersing myself in these artworks, expressing Hue through lines and colors, make life more meaningful and interesting.”

Hue Railway Station in Dao Nguyen Tai's painting

Seeking creative inspiration, capturing the scenes and people of Hue with his camera, Tai then spends nights engrossed in his computer and drawing board to complete unique illustrations. Natural landscapes, pagodas, and architectural works in the Complex of Hue Monuments, rich in cultural and historical imprints in the land of Ngu Mountain and Perfume River, often appear in Dao Nguyen Tai’s paintings. The colorful artworks of this young artist vividly portray a poetic and impressive Hue. Tai's artistic pursuit lies in illustration.

According to Tai, the most challenging aspect of drawing is using colors appropriately to match the lines and images; the harmonious details highlight the essence of the artwork. To attract viewers, Tai regularly updates new aesthetic trends and brings the breath of life into his work.

Tai's paintings are full of Hue flavor, expressing his great love for his motherland via colors and lines. Tai received third place in the Hue nón lá design contest at Hue Festival with his piece “Hometown Flavor,” which depicts a woman skillfully making traditional dishes infused with the flavors of the Ancient Capital.

Immersed in the natural landscapes during each experience, Tai grows even more fond of Hue. Therefore, with the desire to spread the beauty of the Ancient Capital and bring Hue closer to tourists from near and far, Dao Nguyen Tai dedicated all his talent and passion to creating a series of paintings titled “Hue oi”. The “Hue oi” collection includes eight paintings plus one map of Hue. Tai chose to feature beautiful landscapes, historical relics, and tourist sites such as the Imperial Citadel, Hue Railway Station, Quang Duc Gate, Quoc Hoc – Hue High School, Linh Mu Pagoda, and Thuy Xuan Incense Village in his paintings.

The young artist stated, “I believe that, as a son of Hue, I must do something to make Hue known to even more people. I went to each location to understand and discover its beauty; and it took me almost three months to complete this collection.”

Each brushstroke is a testament to his love, and each painting is a message of affection and respect for the unique cultural values of the Ancient Capital. Tai’s “Hue oi” collection was awarded and featured at the Hue University of Arts student art exhibition in January 2024, leaving a strong impression on viewers.

A distinctive feature of Nguyen Tai’s illustration art is that he incorporates images of Hue with explanations on postcards and charming cards placed at homestays and tourist spots, aiming to spread and honor Hue's beauty to tourists.

Mr. Hoang Minh Tuyen, a lecturer at the Hue University of Arts, commented, “I highly appreciate Dao Nguyen Tai’s design thinking. His paintings clearly show his love for Hue's cultural values, and this is also a way for young people to spread the beauty of Hue’s culture to everyone.”

Story and photos: HUONG DONG