Culinary contest preparing delicious dishes from thanh tra grapefruits
9/12/2022 11:24:24 AM
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On the morning of September 4, the People’s Committee of Thuy Bieu Ward organized this activity, within the framework of the 7th Hue Thanh tra grapefruit Festival in 2022.

The delicious dishes being displayed at the culinary contest

The culinary contest consists of two main categories, including a family meal competition themed "Family meals with ancient Hue traditions”, and a competition to prepare delicious dishes from thanh tra grapefruits themed “Preparing delicious dishes from thanh tra grapefruits”.

The contest gathered many teams of women in the area; in which, the competition teams prepared the ingredients and utensils to process and present the dishes, ensuring the criteria of fresh and clean food, nutrition, as well as food hygiene and safety. This is a chance for families to have a useful playground so as to exchange and share experiences in family health care, improving the quality of meals, and raising awareness in protecting the environment for the community.

During the four days and nights of Hue Thanh tra grapefruit Festival, there was a participation of more than 60 artisans and farmers from typical and famous traditional localities in the province in term of planting and caring for the thanh tra grapefruit trees, and hundreds of locals in Thuy Bieu Ward. This is an opportunity for the locality to introduce the depth of culture of the garden houses and the local potentials, creating a chance for officials and the locals to share, exchange and promote trade, so as to expand the market for the consumption of thanh tra grapefruits.