Benefit Visitors to Hue Heritage Site from Electronic Ticket
5/17/2023 11:06:34 AM
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Convenient and quick booking tickets to Heritage Site online via the E-Ticket System
Buying tickets anytime, anywhere, convenient payment, quickly exporting electronic receipts, flexible ticket control... these are the benefits brought by the e-ticket system for visitors and managers in registering to visit Hue Heritage Site under the management of Hue Monuments Conservation Center recently.
Convenient and quick booking tickets to Heritage Site online via the E-Ticket System

The e-ticket system is considered one of the key projects in the Digital Transformation Project of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, which is an important integrated data system of the unit, the service tourism industry in particular, and the digital platform of Thua Thien Hue province in general. The system aims to increase the customer experience when coming to Hue Heritage Site while supporting the management and supervision of management departments in the tourism ticketing operation.

With positive signals through the process of running tests and analyzing actual data, from November 2022 to now, Hue Monuments Conservation Center has put the electronic ticket system into operation at 4 locations with a large number of visitors: Dai Noi, Tu Duc Mausoleum, Minh Mang Mausoleum, and Khai Dinh Mausoleum, thereby completely replacing the traditional ticketing system. By the end of May 15, 2023, the e-ticket system recorded 915,911 ticket buyers visiting Hue relics, of which 449,328 international visitors and 466,583 domestic visitors (including adults, children, and priority subjects).

At the peak, on the occasion of April 30, and May 1, Hue Monuments Conservation Center welcomed a record number of visitors, in which on May 1 alone, Hue Heritage Site welcomed more than 24,000 visitors. This is a large number exceeding the forecast threshold, so although Hue Monuments Conservation Center has been proactive in planning and preparing resources for the service, reception, sale, and control of tickets at attractions, at certain times, there have been situations where visitors have to wait, queue to buy tickets directly, compare QR codes with ticket controllers...

According to the process of the Electronic Ticket System, with just a few simple steps, visitors can own a ticket to visit the monument without taking much time. Specifically, after accessing the system at:, visitors choose attractions, enter the number of people to visit, and select the relevant policy ticket (if any) and personal authentication information (phone number, email) to receive the ticket code.

After receiving the ticket code, visitors make payment in the desired form (payment via QR code (if purchased online); by cash, or via ATM card (if purchased at the counter)).

After successful payment, visitors need to save the ticket code to present and scan the entrance ticket at the gate of the Heritage Site when arriving at the attraction. The ticket code is provided via email upon registration and can also be easily looked up on the system via the visitor's phone number.

In order for the benefits of the e-ticket system reaching visitors and tour guides, it is important to communicate and guide the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, pay attention to encourage people, visitors, and tour guides to buy tickets online before visiting (not necessarily buying tickets at the counter), encourage non-cash payment (scanning QR code for payment), specifically guide the steps to receive ticket codes after payment, look up ticket codes by phone number, email, etc.

According to the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, the implementation and use of e-tickets is an urgent issue and an effective solution to improve the management and administration of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, strictly manage ticket revenue, prevent loss and errors in the process of comparison, ticket omission, reduce troubles for visitors when visiting. 

In the coming time, the e-ticketing system - a solution to support digital transformation safely - quickly - effectively in tourism also aims to integrate into the mobile platform, which will enhance the "no-touch tourism" experience for tourists, hotels, travel agencies, and tourists who actively buy tickets online to visit Hue relics.

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