• Ao dai is not only the traditional costume of Vietnam but also a symbol of beauty and allure
    After five years of restoration and revitalization, Kien Trung Palace located within Hue Imperial City has been reopened to visitors during the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Dragon 2024. This unique palace combines the majestic aura of the Nguyen Dynasty royal court with the modern touch of 20th-century Western architecture, making it a remarkable blend of grandeur and contemporary style.
  • Ao dai Nhat Binh taken at Khai Dinh mausoleum
    Discover the exquisite beauty of Ao dai Nhat Binh, a symbol of Vietnamese culture and elegance. Uncover the history, significance, and modern adaptations of this traditional attire.
  • Traditional Vietnamese dress - Five-panel Ao Dai in Hue
    If you've ever been captivated by the elegance of traditional Vietnamese attire, the "Ao Dai" is likely the image that comes to mind. This iconic garment holds not only a rich history but also a profound cultural significance within the vibrant tapestry of Vietnam. In this article, we'll take a journey through time to explore the fascinating history and deep-rooted significance of the Ao Dai.
  • Impressions of Huế Áo Dài Festival 2023
    On the evening of August 12th, in the area of Lý Tự Trọng Park, Huế City, the Huế Áo Dài Festival 2023 took place with the theme "Huế Áo Dài - A Tale from the River," attracting a large number of locals and visitors.
  • True to the theme "The Elegance of Vietnam in Ao Dai", Phong Y Yen Ao Dai Night took place on the evening of August 4, 2023, at An Dinh Palace (152 Nguyen Hue St, Hue) has given everyone a satisfying night with limited designs created exclusively for Phong Yen from famous Ao Dai designers: Nam Tuyen, Doan Trang, Tran Thien Khanh, Le Doan Hung have recreated a prosperous landscape with rich looks through the Vietnamese Ao Dai.
  •  Young people wearing Ao Dai to attend cultural events and festivals
    Ao Dai, no matter how beautiful and culturally significant it is, must also incorporate fashion elements and be adapted to fit the modern era in order to remain relevant. How can we attract the attention of the young generation to the traditional Ao Dai, so they will wear it proudly and honor its beauty and cultural heritage? This is not a task that can be achieved overnight.
  • Visitors visit the Ao Dai exhibition and design space of the Designer Doan Trang at Bach Dang Street, Hue City
    Graduated from a pedagogy school, then attached to embroidery profession, yet the Director of Doan Trang Embroidery Trading & Service Co. Ltd. has an endless passion for Ao Dai and has been the Ao Dai designer for the last 10 years. She has confirmed her name through fashion shows at home and abroad.
  • Ao dai designs of the designer Quang Hoa are shown
    The designer Quang Hoa has collaborated with the designer Maria Elena di Terlizzi from Italy to design 60 contemporary Ao dai which are both traditional and modern for a show in Rome next year.
  • The design and structure of the costume were versatile and flattered Vietnamese men's body type, giving the man a confident and mature demeanor. Photo: Q.T
    "Men's Ao Dai through time" is this week’s topic of the online exhibition "Hue - The Capital of Ao Dai Vietnam" introduced by the Department of Culture and Sports on their website and social networking sites.
  • Many people say that residents of Hue (the old imperial city of Vietnam during 1802-1945), from the members of reputed families to ordinary traders and retailers, are always decent in their speaking and gestures. Wearing an old Ao dai (traditional long dress) torn out with time, or made with luxurious velvet or silk, Hue women always retain their gracefulness and gentleness.