Stunning Ao Dai Night Phong Y Yen
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True to the theme "The Elegance of Vietnam in Ao Dai", Phong Y Yen Ao Dai Night took place on the evening of August 4, 2023, at An Dinh Palace (152 Nguyen Hue St, Hue) has given everyone a satisfying night with limited designs created exclusively for Phong Yen from famous Ao Dai designers: Nam Tuyen, Doan Trang, Tran Thien Khanh, Le Doan Hung have recreated a prosperous landscape with rich looks through the Vietnamese Ao Dai.

The night of "The Elegance of Vietnam in Ao Dai" not only shows fashion through the image of a graceful woman and the beauty of Ao Dai, but also carries with it the idea of bringing the glorious party of the past through rich materials and artifacts that are also deeply imprinted in the living heritage and tradition of Hue – the ancient city of vinegar flowers. 

The program was organized in cooperation with Engaging With Vietnam Workshop #14, Thua Thien Hue Department of Culture and Sports, Hue Monuments Conservation Center, Faculty of International Studies - Hue University, Hue University of the Arts - Hue University, Hai Dang Studio & Events, Access Design Lab and Hitto Entertainment. 

Phong Yen Ao Dai Night is the expected event in the series of activities of the International Scientific Conference Engaging With Vietnam #14 "Living with Heritage - Regenerating/ Creating Heritage: Vietnam and the World"

Stunning Ao Dai Night Phong Y Yen. Source: Hai Dang Group

Let's admire some of the special photos of the program through the camera of photographer Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh:

The court dances "Lục cúng hoa đăng" become more charming in the space of Phong Yen Ao Dai night at An Dinh Palace.

PhD.  Phan Thanh Hai, Director of Department of Culture and Sports, spoke on The Ao Dai - Phong Y Yen program

The Organizing Committee of the 14th Engaging With Vietnam International Conference presented flowers and certificates to companions and sponsors of Phong Yen art program

The "Ngũ thân" ao dai is an ancient outfit that has been used daily by Vietnamese people. During the Nguyen Dynasty, this costume was considered the National Costume of Vietnam. Due to historical circumstances, the traditional "Ngũ thân" Ao Dai has experienced ups and downs and changes. There was a time when this outfit was almost absent in life. Recently, along with Thua Thien Hue province, artisans and designers throughout the country have been preserving and restoring the "Ngũ thân" Ao Dai, bringing these costumes into contemporary life, imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity.

As a skilled artist and designer in the field of Ao Dai and fashion, Pham Van Tuyen (Nam Tuyen) always strives to research and preserve and promote the value of traditional "Ngũ thân" Ao Dai. In the past time, Nam Tuyen Ao Dai brand has launched to thedomestically and internationally public many Ao Dai collections, which are well received and appreciated by the public. From traditional "Ngũ thân" Ao dai to fashionable and modern Ao dai collections, Bam Tuyen Ao Dai always adheres to traditional aesthetic values in design and consumer orientation. Honoring Vietnamese dignity and integrating into life is a goal that Ao Dai Nam Tuyen always aims for.

The collection of "Trở về Cố đô 2" was launched this time, although there is an intertwining of flight and nobility of modern fashion art, the beauty of the traditional five-body Ao Dai is still exploited by artisan and designer Pham Van Tuyen.

The collection of "Trở về Cố đô 2" by Ao Dai Designer Nam Tuyen opens the Phong Yen program

Ao Dai designer Nam Tuyen brings Phong YYen program with the collection "Trở về Cố đô 2"

Participated in   the exhibition and Phong Yen Ao Dai also had the companionship and participation of Ao Dai Designer Nguyen Thi Doan Trang. She was one of the three representatives invited to participate in the exhibition in Korea, in order to introduce and honor the national cultural values to friends of neighboring countries and was also the only artist representing this Ao Dai field with the collection “Áo Dài Cung Đình Huế”. At Phong Yen, Designer Doan Trang with the "Dấu ấn kinh kỳ" collection introduces delegates and visitors to the unique collection, imbued with national traditional values, bringing a "rất Hue" beauty through each Ao Dai costume that the designer brings. 

Ao Dai designer Doan Trang with the collection "Dấu ấn kinh kỳ"

Phong Y Yen Ao Dai Night attracts everyone's attention.

As one of the prominent designers for the Ao Dai Phong Yen Yen exhibition event, the young 9X Designer from Ha Tinh Le Doan Hung brings the collection "Hà Y" inspired by the beauty of the sky around sunset. The motifs on the Ao Dai are cleverly transformed and blended into the fabric with close Vietnamese images such as lotus, chrysanthemum,... There is also the integration of architectural patterns and sharp grafting techniques to honor the noble and elegant beauty of our country's women in traditional ao dai. 
Le Doan Hung's “Hà Y” collection is inspired by the beauty of the sky around sunset.

The collection “Ha Y” by Designer Le Doan Hung is inspired by the beauty of the sky around sunset.

Singer Lan Nha participated in the Phong Yen show with a unique combination of modern music and traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai

Designer Tran Thien Khanh is one of the designers who has made a mark in Hue Ao Dai design, not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world. The royal style ao dai is highly appreciated and well received by everyone. At Phong Yen Yen Ao Dai Night, the audience was once again satisfied with his unique Ao Dai designs through the "Kim Minh Tiên Hạc" Collection.

Ao Dai designer Tran Thien Khanh with "Kim Minh Tiên Hạc" Collection

Delegates and guests take souvenir photos with the Organizing Committee after the program.