Listening to Ao Dai Tell the Tale of the Perfume River
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Impressions of Huế Áo Dài Festival 2023
On the evening of August 12th, in the area of Lý Tự Trọng Park, Huế City, the Huế Áo Dài Festival 2023 took place with the theme "Huế Áo Dài - A Tale from the River," attracting a large number of locals and visitors.
Impressions of Huế Áo Dài Festival 2023

The Huế Áo Dài Festival 2023 is an artistic program comprising three chapters with various fashion performances and unique artistic singing and dancing acts: "The Epic of the Mountains," "Epic Written Amidst the Green Grass and Blue Leaves," and "The mountain is still young, the water is still flowing, and the journey is still long."

Under the theme "Huế Áo Dài - A Tale from the River," the program vividly narrates the journey of the Perfume River from its source to the sea. This journey also symbolizes the story of the traditional áo dài, a garment closely associated with the image of Huế's women - both strong and profound yet sentimental and romantic. Interwoven into this narrative are the products of Huế's traditional crafts, such as kites, palm-leaf conical hats, and Thanh Tiên paper flowers.

Notably, the stage is set against the backdrop of the Perfume River, creating a comprehensive space that blends underwater scenes with the riverbank, sandbars, and floral meadows on the water's surface. Modern lighting adds to the scene, creating a romantic tableau. Set to the music of talented Huế-based artists like Văn Phụng, Phạm Duy, Hoàng Nguyên, and Trịnh Công Sơn, the outstanding fashion collections are presented by various models. These collections are designed by notable fashion designers including Đỗ Trịnh Hoài Nam, Vũ Việt Hà, Trần Thiện Khánh, Quang Hoà, Xuân Hảo, Viết Bảo, Minh Minh, Quang Huy, among others.

The Áo Dài Festival serves as a highlight within the series of events during the Huế Autumn Festival 2023. The organizing committee aims to use this festival to innovate, improve artistic quality, and gradually transform the Huế Áo Dài Festival into a distinctive artistic program representing the capital's traditional attire. The festival will consistently cater to tourists and the public alike.