Ongoing events 06/06/2024 - 06/22/2024
Thai Binh Lau Pavilion and Thieu Phuong Royal Garden
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Ongoing events 01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024
At 8:30 daily, In front of Ngo Mon Gate
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Ongoing events 01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024

Hue Festival 2024

Ongoing events 06/06/2024 - 06/22/2024

Light Festival

Ongoing events 01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024

The Change of Guards

Hue - Vietnam Yellow
Apricot Land

Hue - Vietnam Ao dai

  • After five years of restoration and revitalization, Kien Trung Palace located within Hue Imperial City has been reopened to visitors during the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Dragon 2024. This unique palace combines the majestic aura of the Nguyen Dynasty royal court with the modern touch of 20th-century Western architecture, making it a remarkable blend of grandeur and contemporary style.

Local Specialty

Hue speciality
Being healthy without illness is the dream of every one of us. Because when the body is healthy, we dream of 100 things, when the body is insecure, we only have one thing left: health. Therefore, Duc Phuong Royal Tea will be a treatment to protect your body, help your body always be healthy, secure, strong enough to cope with all the pressures of work and life. The tea is made by 16 herbal herbs of Royal Palace origin from nature, refined according to traditional know-how, so it is very good for health.
  • Clam sauce is a type of sauce made from an ark clam in the family Arcidae, this type of seafood is almost present all year round. Except for the rainy and windy times in September and October, they cannot be caught while high water, people go raking all year round. In the clam rake season, only with a small rake, along with a cage to be able to go to the sea to rake.
  • Sour shrimp paste in the right "tone" of Hue must be made from very fresh brackish water shrimp, the most delicious is shrimp from the Cau Hai lagoon area. Sour shrimp paste is the combination of the white color of sticky rice, bamboo shoots, galangal of garlic, the red color of shrimp, chili... and all flavors: sweet, fatty, fleshy, spicy, sour, bitter... It's also a combination of yin and yang. , the coolness of shrimp mingles with the pungent taste of spices, all in harmony and charm.
  • The arduous journey has been rewarded. Hue royal lotus seed cake has reappeared. The design is more diverse, more beautiful, the taste remains unchanged.
  • With mountainous characteristics, Nam Dong district, Thua Thien Hue province has nearly 7.000 hectares of natural forests, under the forest canopy, there are many rare trees such as Gleditsia, dandelion, virgin, schefflera, tetracera scandens... The biological characteristics of these plants if raising bees, domestic bee breeds (especially honey bees), are very convenient for bee colonies to develop and will give high honey reserves. Besides domestic bees (especially honey bees), the two most popular bee breeds are bees imported from Australia and Italy.
  • Mam Ruoc is a cooking auxiliary, the dipping sauce is too familiar and indispensable in daily cuisine. The famous dishes of Hue such as beef noodles, and mussel rice won't be delicious without Mam Ruoc. To Hue people, everyone often uses Mam Ruoc to add flavor to the soup, and stew fish, perhaps that's why the cuisine here is always richer and more special than anywhere else.

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