Vibrant Cultural Colors at the Huế Festival 2024 Street Parade
6/10/2024 8:18:27 AM
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On the afternoon of June 8, at the Thừa Thiên Huế Provincial Culture and Cinema Center, the "Cultural Colors" street festival officially kicked off. This event is part of the Huế International Arts Festival Week 2024, attracting the attention and participation of many local residents and visitors from both within and outside the country.

The street festival is one of the highlight events of the annual Huế Festival, serving as a venue for cultural exchange and artistic performances from various countries. It showcases the distinctive cultures from around the world while promoting the unique cultural values of Huế in particular, and Vietnamese culture in general. This year's "Cultural Colors" street festival features the participation of over 500 artists from both domestic and international art groups. The performances, presented in the form of street parades, aim to display the beauty of Huế's cultural heritage, the diverse cultures of different regions, and the cultures of various countries worldwide.

The art troupes set off from the Thừa Thiên Huế Provincial Culture and Cinema Center, traveling along the Hùng Vương and Lê Lợi streets of Huế city.

Notably, many international art troupes participated in the festival, such as the Kobugakudan URAKAJI – Okinawa Japan (drum and lion dance), the Korean drum troupe Yanpyeong, the Hip hop dance group from Cergy (France), and the stilt-walking troupe De Koninklijke Steltenlopers Merchtem (Belgium). Additionally, this year's street festival highlighted and celebrated various unique cultural heritages of the ancient capital of Huế, including Huế singing (ca Huế), traditional masks (mặt nạ tuồng), Huế kites, and Huế - the capital of áo dài. These performances provided a vibrant cultural feast that was both diverse and rich in identity.

The Thai Nghi Duong Lion Dance Troupe from Huế gave a performance.

Huế - The Capital of Áo Dài in Vietnam

The festival created a vibrant, multicolored artistic synergy, enlivening the atmosphere across various streets. It brought a cheerful and bustling vibe, serving tourists and locals alike. The event allowed everyone to immerse themselves in a community celebration, fostering connections and friendship.


The Korean art troupe participates in the 2024 Hue International Arts Festival Week

The Kobugakudan URAKAJI troupe from Okinawa, Japan, captivated audiences with their performances of drum and lion dances.​

The stilt-walking troupe De Koninklijke Steltenlopers Merchtem from Belgium is a regular participant at the Hue Festivals, consistently receiving enthusiastic anticipation and applause from both local residents and visitors. The street festival takes place from 4:00 PM on June 8th and 10th, 2024, along the main streets of Hue City. This event brings together various cultural performances, adding vibrant energy and excitement to the festival atmosphere, and allowing both locals and tourists to immerse themselves in a community celebration filled with joy and cultural exchange.

The streets of Huế came alive with vibrant circus performances, captivating audiences with their spectacular acts.

People and tourists thronged the streets to participate in the festival.

Below are some beautiful images from the "Colors of Culture" street festival compiled by Explore Huế:

Article by: Ngoc Bich - Photos by: Bao Minh, Ngoc Bich, Le Dinh Hoang, Minh Le