Admiring Azaleas on Bach Ma Peak
4/5/2024 8:12:39 AM
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The Vong Hai Dai (marine observatory) amidst the sky's embrace
On the peak of Bach Ma Mountain, where the weather is mild all year round, the vibrant colors of flowers, leaves, and countless forest birds have always been an endless source of inspiration for photographers and those who wish to explore the pristine beauty of nature.
The Vong Hai Dai (marine observatory) amidst the sky's embrace

Through the lens of photographer Truong VungThua Thien Hue Weekly would like to invite readers to take a stroll through the spring season on Bach Ma Peak and admire the myriad hues of azalea flowers, both vivid and unusual.

According to Truong Vung, Bach Ma National Park has planted numerous azalea plants on both sides of the road leading to Do Quyen Waterfall and at the airport area atop Bach Ma Peak as a result of learning new grafting and cultivation procedures. Along with the familiar blazing red azaleas, the diverse colors of the “queen of flowers” here captivate visitors, with the presence of pink-spotted white bell-shaped red azaleas, white bell-shaped red azaleas, white spotted pink red azaleas, and other rare varieties.

 Bell-shaped red azaleas

 Blazing red azaleas

Exotic white bell-shaped azaleas

Beauty amidst the rain

 Pink bell-shaped azaleas

The road to Bach Ma