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Ms. Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, Truc Chi Art Project Manager Vietnam said, with the desire to "do something specific for Hue", Truc Chi is a place for her to explore and express her abilities. Up to now, Truc Chi Garden produces a number of new, more beautiful, more sophisticated, and more convenient works of art every week.

At first, Truc Chi had to be illuminated, the sunken image appeared, now it is not necessary to see it, even on a Truc Chi sheet, the two sides are two separate beautiful paintings. At first, Truc Chi products could only be displayed as pictures, souvenirs, and screens..., now they can be used every day with a variety of genres such as conical hats, lanterns, etc. paper fans, umbrellas, wallets, makeup cases, pen cases ... and easy to move and assemble even though it looks bulky and large in size such as lanterns, stage decorations...

With the motto "combine and return", the people who make Truc Chi met each other in the love of their homeland with bamboo, they returned to traditional values ​​and together raised it to Truc Chi. Not only that, but they also combine other art forms to refresh the old, familiar images of craft villages and vividly show them on Truc Chi. In Truc Chi's products, one can see in it other craft villages and call them names, such as Sinh village paintings, Hue hats, Bao La bamboo and rattan, bamboo parachutes of Hue... and also Hue scenic spots such as The Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tinh Tam lotus... are all vividly shown on Truc Chi paintings. It is not only a combination of 2 in 1 but sometimes 3 in 1, 4 in 1… very unique.

Truc Chi Garden
Address: 05 Thach Han, Hue
Phone: + 84 935 101 414 + 84 906 811 107



Bamboo and rattan products
Bamboo and rattan products