Spreading the art of Bai choi into schools
9/5/2023 8:33:57 AM
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 Bai choi performances are regularly held during cultural and tourism events in Huong Thuy town
In an effort to continue to preserve and promote the cultural heritage value of Bai choi art, on the morning of August 30th, in Thuy Thanh commune (Huong Thuy town), the Department of Culture & Information in coordination with the Department of Education organized a training workshop on Bai Choi singing for teachers from preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools in the area of Huong Thuy town.
Bai choi performances are regularly held during cultural and tourism events in Huong Thuy town

The workshop aimed to further integrate the art of Bai choi singing into schools. During a two-day session on August 30th and 31st, participants were guided by senior artisans; and, skills were passed on, including various forms of this art form from the Central Coast; performing, calling, and chanting different melodies, especially the folk verses or the improvised verses by the artisans; the method of making playing cards; and the practical performance of Bai choi singing at the Thanh Toan Tiled-roof Bridge Community Tourism Site. Based on this foundation, the participants will later transmit these skills to their students after the completion of the workshop.

“This is an opportunity for students to have more exposure and a better understanding of the value of the Bai choi cultural heritage art form, thereby creating a foundation for the younger generation to inherit, conserve, and enhance the value of “Bai choi”  art in Huong Thuy town in particular, and in Thua Thien Hue in general,” shared Ms. Cai Thi Duyen - Head of the Office of Culture & Information.

Recently, Huong Thuy town has gained recognition for its effective efforts in preserving and spreading of Bai choi art, with Thuy Thanh commune being a strong focal point for the development of this art form and housing numerous famous artisans.

“In addition to festive occasions and holidays, Bai choi performances are also regularly organized during cultural and tourism events in Huong Thuy town, as well as every weekend at night market on Thanh Toan Tiled-Roof Bridge. It has evolved into one of the distinctive and appealing cultural tourism products of the local area,” added Ms. Duyen.