Smooth green Bang grass
4/10/2024 7:57:05 AM
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Amidst the scorching hot in April, Bao Chau’s photos, which recorded the scene of Pho Trach villagers (Phong Binh, Phong Dien) harvesting Bang grass (Lepironia articulata) in the green field, like gentle gifts for all eyes. Under Chau's photo angles, Pho Trach is rich and peaceful in every hand movement, the smiles of the villagers in each step, from harvesting Bang grass in the field, drying, preliminary processing the grass, to making it into valuable handicrafts.

Being excited in front of a pounding mortar, Chau could not help hiding her emotions: Under the old bamboo groves hidden behind the winding village roads, its appearance made people extremely emotional. Although the pounding process has been supported by modern machines, the villagers still keep a rudimentary and rustic thing that has been associated with the image of the village for hundreds of years, as a keepsake. Just in Hue, there are so many interesting and strange things!

In the modern lifestyle, many traditional handicraft products are almost forgotten. But for Pho Trach, one of the great things is that the traditional products of the villagers today are increasingly carrying the vitality of the times, bringing many economic values and spreading the cultural values of Hue - that is, there has been a "meeting" between the traditional products of the village and businesses with passion and sensitivity. And Chau said that just that morning, a Japanese visitor was very excited to see that the products of Pho Trach were decorated with Hue royal motifs, which they had just seen when visiting the Imperial Citadel.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to invite readers to visit Pho Trach Bang grass mattress-making craft village!

Knitting Bang grass into products

 Decorating directly on the products