Location Exhibition area: at Thuong Thanh, on both sides of the Flag Tower.
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Organizers : , Hue Monuments Conservation Center in coordination with the National Archives Center
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OUTDOOR EXHIBITION SPACE WITH THEME "Hue Capital City - Old Traces Remain"


🔴 Time: Opening at 15:00 on January 17, 2024 at Ngo Mon Square - Hue;

🔴 Venue: Exhibition location: Outdoor exhibition space axis from The Nhon gate - Ky Dai - Quang Duc gate
To convey to the public the typical features of the Hue citadel in the historical process and the outstanding marks of the "old citadel" of a dynasty in the land of the ancient capital of Hue, the Center Preserving Hue Monuments in collaboration with the National Archives Center I organized the exhibition "Hue Citadel - Remaining traces of the past". The exhibition includes two main parts: Part I: Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Hue in history and Part II: Hue Citadel - Traces of a dynasty.
The exhibition publishes nearly 100 typical documents and images, including many royal documents and royal court records of the Nguyen emperors, as well as images related to the mark of Hue capital.
The exhibition is expected to be held permanently in the outdoor space along the axis from The Nhon gate (Pan gate) - Ky Dai - Quang Duc gate. We welcome everyone to visit!

map of the exhibition