A poetic Hue on late winter days
1/25/2024 8:05:23 AM
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 Hue changing itself to welcome the New Year
Hue is not only antique and peaceful but also tenderer on late winter days
Hue changing itself to welcome the New Year

In the cold weather accompanied by gentle golden sunshine, Hue on late winter days radiates a pure and fresh beauty that captivates the heart of visitors. In the little Hue City, no matter where the tree canopies, citadel gates, streets, and rows of trees are, all exude a truly tender and peaceful beauty.

Hue News would like to introduce you to a series of photos taken by the photographer Le Tan Thanh, expressing a simple but so peaceful beauty in the poetic Hue Ancient Capital.

 Hien Nhon Gate

Heritage immersing in nature

 Tourists on the leaf-changing road

 Tourists visiting Hue Imperial Citadel

 Tourists visiting Hue Imperial Citadel

 A corner of Hoa Binh Gate

 The fisherman doing his work on the Ngu Ha River

 Peaceful daily lifestyle

 The farmer harvesting flowers at Phu Mau Flower village

 On the way to the market in early morning

 Children having fun on a flower field at Phu Mau Flower Village