Celebrating Vietnamese Theater Day
9/28/2023 8:05:45 AM
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 Presenting flowers to congratulate award-winning artists
On September 26th, at Duyet Thi Duong theater, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, in collaboration with Thua Thien Hue Stage Artists Association, organized the celebration of Vietnamese Theater Day (on August 12th in lunar calendar).
Presenting flowers to congratulate award-winning artists

This is an occasion for artists to pay homage to their craft ancestors, evaluating the achievements gained through their operating process and striving to create high-quality artistic works.

Among these collective achievements that contribute to the cause of protecting and building the country, the national-revolutionary theater always holds a significant and esteemed position. The various forms of theater have been preserved through the ages and have seamlessly integrated into the current cultural and artistic landscape. They play a vital role in building an advanced Vietnamese culture, rich in national identity in the era of globalization and international exchange.

In 2023, several outstanding performances featuring the participation of members of Thua Thien Hue Stage Artists Association were presented to the public during the Vietnamese traditional new year holiday (Quy Mao Lunar New Year), political events, major holidays, and cultural festivals in the province as wellas the city of Hue. The association's members play a pivotal role in events such as Hue Traditional Craft Festival and Hue Four-Season Festival.

Within the province, the community of artists and theater performers serves as the core driving force in building and improving the effectiveness of community arts. Some association members are playwrights who actively create and stage productions that effectively engage audiences at local festivals, competitions, and performances. Notable figures include the Meritorious Artist Kim Vang, as well as the artists Le Tat Dinh, Van Vy, and Dinh Viet.

 A performance excerpt from "Tuan Ty - Dao Hue"

Notably, the members of the Hue Classical Drama (Ca kich) and Hue Classical Opera (Tuong Hue) subgroups participated in the National Theater Arts Festival 2023, organized by the Vietnam Theater Artists Association, as well as the National Talent Competition for Classical Opera and Classical DramaActors 2023, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in Ha Nam province. They achieved remarkable success, securing 2 Gold medals and 5 Silver medals for 6 excerpts of Classical Operaand Classical Drama. They also won 1 First prize and2 Second prizes in the competition for Talent Actors of Classical Opera and Classical Drama. The ethnic orchestra artists of Hue Classical Opera subgroup secured a Second Prize as well in the solo and ensemble categories of the nationwide competition for traditional musical instruments in 2023.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Chairman of the Thua Thien Hue Stage Artists Association, said: "In the face of numerous challenges and difficulties, traditional theater has demonstrated an active and relentless pursuit of innovation, research, and development of various approaches to traditional Hue theater activities, involving both Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater and Hue Classical Drama Art Theater. Authors and artists have devoted themselves to creating and performing plays and roles, serving the audience, and participating in artistic exchanges in many places. This has contributed to honoring and introducing Hue's art to the public with a lasting positive impression."