The new urban look of Hue city
5/21/2024 8:13:44 AM
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 Nguyen Hue Street. Photo: Nguyen Phong
Hue City is undergoing significant transformations, emerging with a new urban identity as a centrally-governed city.
Nguyen Hue Street. Photo: Nguyen Phong

Urban Renovation Milestones

After nearly a year of construction, the pedestrian path project along the Nhu Y River, with a total investment of 276 billion VND, is gradually being completed and is expected to be operated by mid-2024. This new pedestrian path will offer another scenic route for residents and tourists, complementing the existing pedestrian paths along both banks of the Huong River.

According to the design, this pedestrian path stretching from Dap Da (Stone Damp) to Van Duong Bridge with a length of 1.6km and a width of 6m, will be paved with granite tiles and featured by stainless steel railings with an electrostatic coating. The entire route includes a 1,300m2 parking lot near Dap Da, a 36m arch bridge over the Phat Lat Canal, and 11 docks. The areas adjacent to residential homes will be enhanced with small landscapes and greenery.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang, a resident who has been living on the Nhu Y riverside for a long time, expressed his excitement: "The Nhu Y River is a beautiful river that runs through the heart of the city, passing by many ancient villages like Ngoc Anh, Chiet Bi, Van Khe, etc., and extending to the Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge. The riverside area is home to many old houses and lush fruit trees, making it an attractive spot for river tourism. As a result, the new pedestrian path project will highlight the beauty of both riverbanks, creating a new attraction for not only residents but also tourists, and enhancing the novel experience for Hue tourism.”

Along with continuing to perfect the space on both banks of the Huong River, while contributing to urban beautification, creating landscape, and ensuring synchronization with the surrounding area and city, Hue City is also working on a project to renovate parks along the Huong River. This project includes a pedestrian path from Truong Tien Bridge to Gia Hoi Bridge.

Particularly, the path for pedestrians and cyclists along the Huong River will be 500m long and 4.5m wide, with a 25.4m connecting the road from Chuong Duong Road to the pedestrian path, a 755m2 parking lot, and will have green trees planted and install lighting systems, etc.

Upon completion, this project will connect the Trinh Cong Son Park area and the pedestrian route from Truong Tien Bridge to Thien Mu Pagoda, creating a scenic walkway for residents and visitors along the northern bank of the Huong River.

In addition to urban renovation projects in central areas, the city is investing in infrastructure for city outskirts, coastal and lagoon tourist areas, roads leading to Nguyen dynasty tombs, and installing street lighting systems in communes and wards such as Huong Vinh, Phu Mau, Hai Duong, and Huong Tho, etc. These efforts aim to improve traffic connection from the city center to 13 communes and wards newly incorporated into the city on July 1, 2021.

Continuing to enhance the central urban infrastructure, the city is reviewing and proposing additional projects for non-budgetary investment during the 2021-2025 period for the provincial People's Committee's consideration to reach a consensus. Besides, they are completing documents for the proposed approval of the 38 Ho Dac Di residential commercial complex project in An Cuu Ward.

Relating planning and urban management, the city has recently implemented several key provincial plans and projects, particularly those related to the implementation of Resolution 54 by the Politburo, such as the Thua Thien Hue urban development program for 2045, with a vision towards 2065. These include reports on areas proposed to become districts and wards within Thua Thien Hue City, and the proposal to recognize Thua Thien Hue as a first-class centrally governed city. In particular, projects, programs, designs, and planning of the city according to the proposed plan are also urged and focused on completion.

Speeding up and Breaking Through

According to Mr. Phan Thien Dinh, Secretary of the City Party Committee, 2024 is a pivotal year, marking significant progress in the development of Thua Thien Hue province to become a centrally-governed city, in line with Resolution 54 by the Politburo. Therefore, Hue City, along with the province, is determined to make breakthroughs and accelerate economic and social development, creating new momentum to achieve the set goals and missions.

As the core urban area of the province being in the process of construction and development to elevate the province to become a centrally-governed city, the city will continue to accelerate its progress in the near future. This includes completing and submitting for approval the plans for merging wards and communes into the city to ensure comprehensive coverage of the sub-area planning projects within the city, as well as the revised planning projects for the wards (formerly part of the city) according to the established schedule.

Additionally, the city will boost the speed of conducting key provincial and municipal projects, especially those involving relocation and clearance in the expanded area of the Hue Ancient Citadel Complex, Green City, coastal road through the province, and bridge across Thuan An estuary, Nguyen Hoang street and the overbridge crossing the Huong River. Besides, there are also the Projects to upgrade and expand Ba Trieu Street; Projects in Areas A - B - An Van Duong New Urban Area; zoning planning projects; Smart Cultural and Tourism City Project; Improving the water environment (residual capital) and technical infrastructure investment projects to create land fund, etc.

From now until the end of the year, the city will focus all resources on implementing projects to upgrade Hue's urban areas, focusing on implementing projects to build urban infrastructure and urban areas. They would also improve the quality and capacity of investors, consulting on project management, strengthening inspection, and urging key projects to upgrade the Hue urban area.

At the same time, they also focus on selecting consultants to ensure capacity, speed up, and shorten the time to prepare and adjust urban planning, especially for localities newly merged into the city.  Besides, the city continues to strengthen investment inspection and supervision during the construction investment process according to the project approval decision; proactively address difficulties and obstacles to find solutions, as well as promptly detect and handle inadequacies and lack of synchronization.

Story: Thanh Huong