Traditional boat race held on National Independence Day September 2nd
9/7/2023 3:44:33 PM
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Teams are about to start the race
On the occasion of the 78th anniversary of Vietnam Independence Day (September 2nd), the 34th Thua Thien Hue traditional boat race was held on Huong River by Culture and Sports Department on September 2nd, 2023.
Teams are about to start the race

This year event attracted more than 300 athletes from town, district and city. Teams competed for one “pha” prize which shows the teamwork of athletes), one “cung” prize which is believed to bring good luck to villagers and eight “tien” prizes (four “tien” prizes for female and four “tien” prizes for male). 

Since the early morning, thousands of audiences and visitors gathered together along the Huong river bank to support teams joining the race.

Teams competed in the race

Annually held on the National Independence occasion, the boat race is not only a sporting event, but also a traditional activity that shows cultural diversity. It is expected to enhance local spiritual life; introduce Hue to far and near tourists; response to the campaign entitled "Toan dan ren luyen than the theo guong Bac Ho vi dai" (the entire people practice physically following Uncle Ho); maintain and develop national traditional sport movement; conserve and promote culture-sport tradition of localities and the entire country.

For years, the event has been maintained and unceasingly developed to conserve cultural beauty, pray for national peace, favorable weather conditions and pumper crop; develop boat race to improve public health and water-related skills. 

Photos taken at the 34th Thua Thien Hue traditional boat-racing competition: