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KING Classic Menswear Hue
In recent years, Classic Menswear – the classic fashion style for men is gradually gaining popularity again and is favored by many groups of customers by age. Speaking of Classic Menswear, many people will think of formal clothing such as Suits, pants, shirts, etc. However, today Classic Menswear has been redefined in many different styles.
KING Classic Menswear Hue
Address: 17 Phung Hung, Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue City

In recent years, Classic Menswear – the classic fashion style for men is gradually gaining popularity again and is favored by many groups of customers by age. Speaking of Classic Menswear, many people will think of formal clothing such as Suits, pants, shirts, etc. However, today Classic Menswear has been redefined in many different styles. It could be a full suit with tie, or it could just be trousers and a shirt. Even Sport coat combined with jeans or polo shirts and shorts. In general, all styles that make men exude elegance and luxury are classified as Classic Menswear. And pursue the line of Classic Menswear fashion requires the wearer to be extremely skillful and delicate in the choice of dress. It is also necessary to take care of every detail of your outfit to have a really perfect and elegant gentlemen's armor.

Founded by classic fashion enthusiasts, KING CLASSIC was born and was the first brand of Sartorial classic fashion style in Hue. With the passion and desire to bring Sartorial cultural values to the homeland, with more than 10 years of experience in the garment industry, KING CLASSIC Hue will definitely deliver customers high-value design products in terms of aesthetics, absolute quality in terms of tailoring process, meeting the best needs of shaping the fashion style of gentlemen in the new era. And more than that, through the products are cherished, meticulously KING CLASSIC not only builds a brand but also wants to create a culture associated with Sartorial style, a fashion style towards the refinement, sophistication, and elegance for the men of Hue Ancient Capital in particular and Vietnam in general.

Why Classic Menswear?

There are many different styles of dress such as work wear, streetwear, and military wear… but why men should choose the classic vest style for themselves because:

1. Show off professional style, and courtesy in work as well as delicate and elegant aesthetic eyes in daily life

Vest is often chosen for important occasions that require attire that shows politeness, thoughtfulness, and seriousness such as weddings, anniversaries... or in the office workplace, thereby showing the value in terms of image that the suit brings.

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Besides, choosing other pieces of the suit in daily life also enhances the value of a man, giving them a more polite and mature appearance and showing respect for those around them, making a good impression on everyone, especially those who meet for the first time.

2. Good shape and good concealment

A carefully selected outfit, with good aesthetic eyes and the skillful hands of the craftsman, will show all the advantages on the wearer's body while hiding the unwanted disadvantages. Unlike many styles that only focus on color, Classic focuses on proportions and textures, creating more tools to support the wearer to achieve the most satisfactory appearance.

May đo vest huế, may đo Suit huế

3. This is a lasting style for men, not out of fashion

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The basic products included in the Classic Menswear style


A suit is an outfit that consists of jackets, and trousers and may have vests (waistcoats) sewn from the same type of material. This is considered the most basic thing in Classic Menswear style because, with just a beautiful suit, fitting the body, you have basically completed this style.

May đo vest huế, may đo Suit huế


The trousers in Classic Menswear are more than just regular trousers. It can be Khaki pants, jeans ..., pleated pants details, hems of loose pants, or leech pants can all be used with Classic Menswear style if you choose the right details and designs for your outfit. However, the most beautiful pants are the ones with the material and shape that best suit your body proportions.

May đo vest huế, may đo Suit huế


There are countless types of shirts that you may not know about. Among them, the most commonly used types are cutaway neck shirts, button down, collar points, and Chinese collar shirts. People usually do not pay too much attention to choosing shirts because the idea is "all the same, only different in color". However, there are many types and each type will suit different circumstances. Choosing a beautiful and suitable shirt is very important. No matter how beautiful your suit is, but the shirt that comes inside does not fit, your set is a complete failure. I will show how to combine and wear them in the next article because it is also quite complicated.

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4. TIE

Referring to Classic Menswear, it is impossible not to mention the presence of a tie. The tie is the detail that creates the most important highlight for your entire set. There are many different types of ties as well as different styles and accessories for each type, and each event. Tie & pocket square is frequently used when paired with suits.

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The last item on the list that is also indispensable to complete the Classic Menswear style is a pair of leather shoes. Regardless of whether it's Oxford, Derby, Monk Strap, Spectators, Loafer... this is also the most important part of the Satorial style outfit.

May đo vest huế, may đo Suit huế

What are the key factors that make a SUIT valuable?

Three important factors that make up a perfect SUIT are: "Material - Style - Technique"

KING CLASSIC aims at high-quality fabrics with wool (50% - 100% wool blend rate) with brands from the UK, Italy, and Singapore such as Canonico, Dolce & Taylor, Nobiliti, and Drago,... Long-standing and quality fabric brands are used by many world fashion brands. The suit will have a high value in terms of wearing experience and eye-catching designs when using high-end fabrics to make up the product. This will bring many new experiences to the Hue market.

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What makes the difference between Sartorial Bespoke tailoring fashion and ready-to-wear (RTW)?

For those who understand fashion, the world of perfect outfits can be generalized by pyramid models. Accordingly, if the base of the pyramid is Ready-To-Wear (RTW), the next floors are Made-To-Measure (MTM), and Made-To-Order (MTO), then the top of the pyramid is Bespoke with the highest value.

With the convenience and fast when shopping at a fairly good price, ready-to-wear goods are quite popular in fashion stores on the market. However, not all customers have parameters that fit RTW's standard parameters, as well as high-end and sophisticated customers in dress, require a variety of fabrics, designs, and detailed elements, and ready-to-wear goods are difficult to meet.

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With a Bespoke tailored suit, customers can customize the details on their suit to meet their personal taste. That is an important difference that creates the class for the owner.

May đo vest huế, may đo Suit huế

KING CLASSIC orientates the brand to focus mainly on Bespoke tailoring with a variety of choices for customers, how to coordinate and choose materials and textures suitable for each customer's appearance, work, and personality characteristics towards a perfect suit for every detail and luxury.

Discover the tailoring experience at  "KING CLASSIC"

1.    Select products: Customers choose product categories to apply tailoring including Suits, shirts, trousers, and waistcoats.

2.    Advice and material selection: customers are consulted to choose the right fabric model for their habits, usage circumstances, and preferences in the fabric collection of world-famous brands such as Canonico, Dolce & Taylor, Nobiliti, Drago,... 

3.    Personalization: Customers can create a customized version of their fashion set by choosing the style of shirt, fabric color, jacket lining, button material, and name embroidery ...

4.    Consulting and adjusting: Stylist KING CLASSIC will consult and refine according to the physical measurements of each customer based on the standard pattern of the product that has been selected to best suit the customer's physique.

5.    Product completion: The costume will be completed within 20-30 days and delivered to the customer.

For KING CLASSIC, each customer is a friend to share the passion for classic, luxurious, and elegant fashion of gentlemen in Sartorial style, which is a cross that understands all values between souls who love beauty.

KING CLASSIC was born not to sell a lot of available King Classic things to customers, but based on the accumulated experience in fashion and understanding, with all sincerity, the KING CLASSIC team always wants to give customers a well-groomed look,  perfect and most elegant when choosing KING CLASSIC.