Doan Trang Ao Dai
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Doan Trang Ao Dai
Come to Doan Trang Ao Dai - It's time to be beautiful!
Doan Trang Ao Dai
Address: 2/56 Bach Dang, Gia Hoi Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam
Opening Time: 24/7
Status: Opening

For such a long time, coming to Hue to sew Ao Dai, buying Ao Dai in Hue seems to have become a habit, a passion of grandmothers, mothers, and sisters when having the opportunity to visit Hue. No matter where in Vietnam, there are facilities for sewing Ao Dai, however, when it comes to Hue Ao Dai, the ingenuity, grooming, and standards in each stage of Hue tailor's implementation are always loved and impressed by everyone. Ao Dai tailor in Hue is so skillful that, there are rumors about who visiting Hue and ignoring the "tour" of sewing Hue Ao Dai is such a pity in their journey to discover the Ancient Capital.

Satisfying the most demanding customers not only in each needlepoint, Doan Trang Ao Dai with more than 15 years of establishment and development is also impressed by the fit, suitable for the physique of each person through the direct and dedicated advice of Ao Dai artist Nguyen Thi Doan Trang. The variety of hand-embroidered, and machine-embroidered services combined on Ao Dai with design styles are especially focused and constantly learned by Doan Trang artisans and the staff to bring the perfect experience to customers of all ages.

Come to Doan Trang Ao Dai - It's time to be beautiful!


With great love for the traditional Ao Dai and the art of hand embroidery, Nguyen Thi Doan Trang, Director of Doan Trang Embroidery Trading & Service Co., Ltd, has created Doan Trang Ao Dai brand associated with Hue's most famous embroidery technique (handmade embroidery combined with modern machinery and equipment).

As an artisan and designer, Doan Trang regularly creates many collections of Ao Dai, contributing to the promotion of the Hue Ao Dai brand, Hue - Vietnam Capital of Ao Dai through many national and international programs and events.

In 2016, Ms. Nguyen Thi Doan Trang was one of three representatives of Vietnam invited to participate in the exhibition, introducing the national cultural values in Korea, as well as the only representative in the Ao Dai field. Doan Trang Ao Dai is also selected to participate in the exhibition of the Ao Dai collection in Malaysia, Vietnam Craft Village Tourism Festival, Ao Dai Festival & Hue Food Festival 2020, and Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2022...

Doan Trang Ao Dai at Vietnam Traditional Craft Village Tourism Festival

Doan Trang Ao Dai participates in Hue Community Ao Dai Festival 2022

Media Trip's experience with Ao Dai designed by Doan Trang at Hue Festival Week 2022

Currently, Doan Trang Sewing Embroidery Trading & Service Co., Ltd owns thousands of patterns from ancient to modern, from traditional to embroidered patterns created by Doan Trang artisans, making a difference and bearing a feminine imprint. Depending on the number and details of embroidery, the machine embroidery base of Doan Trang Ao Dai with nearly 50 workers and modern automatic embroidery machine system will perform embroidery in place and in series, ensuring the highest accuracy and aesthetics for the product. The forms of embroidery on Ao Dai of Doan Trang are also very diverse: hand embroidery, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, and machine embroidery together, the combination of drawing and embroidery, embroidery and beading, and stone applique...). Traditional Ao Dai models, stylized Ao Dai, Ao Dai with specific style... at Doan Trang, whether simple or fussy, when worn also create a luxurious and high-class style for the wearer by the material as well as the pattern decoration on the Ao Dai is very elaborate and meticulous.

At Ao Dai Doan Trang, there is an instant sewing service of the day, advising and ordering sewing online but still ensuring beauty and fit for customers. With a team of nearly 50 workers (including tailors and embroiderers) and a modern automatic embroidery machine system to support, Doan Trang Ao Dai always ensures on-time sewing for customers, even in large quantities but still ensures quality and reasonable price.

Ao Dai Doan Trang in an activity promoting Hue - The Ao Dai capital of Vietnam

As one of the businesses operating in the traditional field of Thua Thien Hue province pioneering in digital transformation, recently, with the support and advice of the Information Technology Center of Thua Thien Hue province, Doan Trang Ao Dai has built a website, connecting Ao Dai products to eCommerce platforms (Lazada, Shopee, Sendo...), contributing to support and meet the needs of customers near and far with favorable opportunities to buy beautiful, standard Hue Ao Dai online.

Leaving many imprints for a series of enthusiastic efforts, Doan Trang Ao Dai in general and Artisan, Doan Trang Designer in particular have achieved many outstanding achievements such as Typical Businesswoman of ASEAN in 2018, Dynamic and Creative Young Enterprise in 2018, Vietnam Business Gold Cup for creativity in 2019, Medal for the Development of Vietnamese craft villages...  And most recently was honored by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Thua Thien Hue as an individual who has made many contributions to socio-economic development in the province in 2022.

Taking customer satisfaction as a measure for each Ao Dai product, Doan Trang has been positioned as a leading Ao Dai brand of Thua Thien Hue province, a prestigious shopping address for people and tourists on the journey of Hue tourism.