Bustling Sinh Village Wrestling Festival in the Spring of 2024
2/20/2024 7:55:04 AM
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Every year, on the 10th day of the lunar January, people from all over eagerly flock to Thon Lai An, Phu Mau commune, Hue City, to participate in and witness the Sinh Village Wrestling Festival - a traditional event with a history of over 400 years for the people of Làng Sình in particular, and Thua Thien Hue province in general, on the occasion of the beginning of spring.

As usual, this year, the Sinh Village Wrestling Festival took place on the morning of the 10th day of the lunar January (February 19th) at the communal house area of Lại Ân village (Sinh Village), amidst a solemn atmosphere, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and martial spirit of the local people. It also served as an opportunity to introduce to the people and visitors from near and far a cultural activity, an intriguing destination at the beginning of the year within the framework of the Spring Festival - Huế Festival 2024.

Thousands of people eagerly flocked to watch the Sinh Village Wrestling Festival on the first day of the Lunar New Year, February 19th.

In addition to the spiritual aspect of praying for favorable weather and abundant harvests, the traditional Sinh Village Wrestling Festival is also a meaningful springtime playground, contributing to the improvement of physical health, courage, confidence, wit, especially among the younger generation.

Following the customs of old, from the early morning of the 10th day of the lunar January, the sound of drums and gongs resounds, and the main ceremony is conducted with solemn yet concise rituals. Subsequently, pairs of young men, grouped by age, take turns competing until winners and losers are determined, with one pair succeeding the next.

The Sinh Village Wrestling Festival promotes the spirit of martial arts.

The Sinh Village Wrestling Festival places great emphasis on the spirit of martial arts; therefore, wrestlers are not allowed to execute dangerous moves. According to the regulations set by the Organizing Committee, a wrestler achieves absolute victory by making their opponent fall flat on their back. The champion wrestler will receive a trophy, medals, a flag, and a cash prize from the Organizing Committee, as well as the traditional feast tray of Lại Ân cultural village. Additionally, outstanding athletes in the traditional Sinh Village wrestling competition in 2024 will be awarded flags, medals, and cash prizes according to the decision of the People's Committee of Phú Mậu commune.

Representatives of the leadership of Huế City presented a flag to Phú Mậu commune for organizing the traditional Sinh Village wrestling festival in the spring of 2024, the Year of the Wood Tiger.

On the square wrestling arena, covered with sandy soil, amidst the enthusiastic cheers of thousands of spectators and the rhythmic beat of drums, the wrestlers performed impressive techniques and beautiful wrestling moves, contributing to the preservation of the distinctive cultural heritage of the people and the ancient land of Huế.

Below are some beautiful photos of the Sinh Village Wrestling Festival in the spring of 2024 captured by photographer Lê Đình Hoàng:

Article: Ngoc Bich - Photos: Le Dinh Hoang