Impressive Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023
7/5/2023 10:04:47 AM
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Activities held at Quoc Hoc Stele
On July 2, 2023, Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023 was officially wrapped up. The two-day-long event attracted over 500 club members from 18 provinces/cities country-wide.
Activities held at Quoc Hoc Stele

Within the framework of Hue Sports Festival 2023, Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023 was organized at Bia Quoc Hoc and Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street by the Department of Culture and Sport and Deetop Dance & Fitness Center.

In spite of being held for the first time in Vietnam in general and Hue in particular, the event attracted more than 3.000 domestic and foreign participants. This impressive number made Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023 become the most popular event within Hue Sports Festival 2023. It also contributed to the success of Hue Sports Festival 2023 and accelerated the development of the community sports movement.

Expert Jarrod Tucker from Zumba Home Office was surprised at how Zumba is popular in Vietnam and Hue. He said that the hot summer could not stop a hundred children aged from 5 to 12 and 700 elder trainees from preparing for the performance. “During and after the performance, the organizer not only ensured safety but also empowered participants. It is such a wonderful experience”, said Mr. Jarrod Tucker.

Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023 attracted over 500 members from 28 clubs

“If it was not for this Zumba festival, I would not have had an opportunity to visit Hue and enjoyed its peace, friendly people and delicious food. I hope that this event will be annually organized so that I will have a chance to admire the music, the former capital and its people”, said Tran Thi Ha (Lao Cai province).

According to the Director of Culture and Sport Department Phan Thanh Hai, Head of the Organizing Board, Hue - Zumba Festival 2023 not only meets the demand for cultural exchange, physical training, connecting community, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign participants, but also shows the potential for tourism promotion. Director Phan Thanh Hai hoped that the event would be held every year.

Photos taken at Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023: