Attracting visitors and promoting tourism images during Tet holiday
1/24/2024 8:21:02 AM
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 During Tet holiday, many visitors go to visit monuments and tourist attractions in Hue
Lunar New Year first day(s) is the peak period for tourism, which also marks the beginning of a new year. Currently, the provincial tourism sector, along with units and businesses are providing many services, ensuring interesting and safe experiences for visitors.
During Tet holiday, many visitors go to visit monuments and tourist attractions in Hue

Creating experiences for visitors

According to Ms. Duong Thi Cong Ly, Vice-Chairwoman of the Provincial Travel Association, Branch Director of Vietnam Hanoi Tourism Joint Stock Company in Hue, based on the designed tour, this year, the unit organizes the Vietnamese Tet tour for Swedish visitors to experience, with many added activities, from December 29th before the Lunar New Year of 2024. Along with the sightseeing program, visitors will visit locals’ houses, and join them in making chung cake and tet cake, making jams; and going to the markets to buy flowers, arranging them and putting them onto the altars; decorating houses for Tet, and joining locals in their visiting deceased relatives’ graves.

"Visitors were very excited when these experiences were introduced to them, as they can discover the cultural beauty features in Tet holiday of Vietnam, especially of Hue - a land rich in cultural traditions," shared Ms. Ly.

Every year, during Tet holiday, Hue Monuments Conservation Center always provides free ticket programs and many attractive activities to somehow bring visitors back to the old Royal Tet. Hue Imperial Citadel and Hue's monuments are also top destinations chosen by visitors. According to the leader of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, after many years of renovation, Thai Hoa Palace and Kien Trung Palace, which are two especially important palaces of Hue Monuments system, will open to welcome visitors in the coming Lunar New Year.

This year, the general economic picture is facing many difficulties, people are forced to cut spending. However, it does not mean that businesses limit the exploitation of tourism products and services.

Mr. Do Ngoc Co, Chairman of the Provincial Travel Association, said that during this Tet holiday, the highlight is the exploitation of short-day tours associated with experiencing Tet in Hue, associated with spiritual tourism, community tourism, and cuisine. Businesses build tours based on the demand of visitors, including self-sufficient visitors buying separate services to experience. Travel agencies also pay more attention to creating unique and interesting cultural experiences for visitors. In particular, Tet holiday is also the peak period for international visitors. Therefore, businesses aim for the experiences that visitors most desire, creating the satisfaction for visitors and promoting the images of tourism in Vietnam in general and Hue in particular during Tet holiday.

In order to impress and create good effects for the new year, during the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, hotels also pay attention to decoration, wearing fresh spring colors to welcome visitors, and organizing many activities imbued with traditional culture. Among them, there are many experiential activities, including making chung cake and tet cake, Lunar New Year's Eve program, lucky money envelopes during Tet holiday, and serving cuisine with the Tet menu...

 International visitors going to Hue

Ensuring the safety for visitors

Having fun during Tet holiday has become a demand not only for the locals but also for many visitors who love Vietnam. According to the leaders of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, in order to bring a joyful, healthy, and safe Lunar New Year, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has also sent an official document requesting the Departments of Tourism, and the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism of centrally-governed provinces and cities to focus on carrying out many tasks, including organizing cultural, artistic and festival events associated with promoting and attracting visitors, contributing to promoting the images of Vietnamese tourism, ensuring compliance with the civilized lifestyle, customs, practices, and fine cultural traditions of the nation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Provincial Tourism Department, said that based on the direction of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the provincial tourism sector would also strengthen the management of destinations, as well as inspecting and controlling the service quality of tourism units in the area, especially at tourist accommodation establishments, passenger transportation, tourist areas and attractions, tour guide activities, restaurants and entertainment facilities; directing and supervising food safety and hygiene, and preventing food poisoning.

The tourism sector, the Provincial Police and related units have been developing plans to organize forces to ensure the security and safety for visitors; and sufficiently prepare fire prevention and firefighting equipment;...

The provincial tourism sector has also directed the management boards of tourist areas, attractions, and tourism service establishments in the area to proactively develop plans to serve visitors during the Lunar New Year; arranging enough forces, food, goods and necessary conditions to serve visitors; strictly implementing the measures to prevent and control epidemics, prevent and fight fires and explosions, and ensuring food hygiene and safety; arranging staff to guide and support visitors; ensuring environmental hygiene, keeping clean, and promptly collecting garbage and waste.