Ao Dai Hue Imperial City
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Ao Dai Kinh Do Hue
Preserving the quintessence of national culture, Hue culture
Ao Dai Kinh Do Hue
Address: 15 Truong Gia Mo Street, Vy Da Ward, Hue City

Many young people are interested in Vietnamese Ao Dai. And when they experiment with ancient clothes, they feel more excited and like to experience more new things. It is the "channel" for traditional clothing to spread in modern life.

And it would be remiss if one mentions the most beautiful costume rental shops in Hue but ignores the Ao Dai Hue Imperial CityThis is one of the most famous antique rental shops. Coming to Ao Dai Hue Imperial City, visitors will be advised by the staff of Ao Tac with diverse colors, and good materials, suitable for themselves. In addition, customers are also free to choose necklaces with lovely colors, with ancient designs combined with costumes. In a quiet space amidst the peaceful scenery of the ancient capital, visitors will surely save themselves a beautiful moment in life when wearing ancient Hue costumes.

In addition, Ao Dai Hue Imperial City also specializes in renting performance costumes. They not only offer costumes for rent but also give professional advice to suit the performance according to customer needs.