Ba Van Banh Loc (Stuffed Tapioca Dumplings)
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Mrs Van Hue traditional stuffed tapioca dumplings
Hue Banh Loc Ba Van is one of the reputable shops selling Banh Loc, a standard flavor of delicious Hue Banh Loc, specialized in serving to sell to tourists as well as courier as gifts to relatives in other places.
Mrs Van Hue traditional stuffed tapioca dumplings
Address: Main office: 106B Luong Ngoc Quyen, City. Hue - Branch: 50 Hoa Minh 1, City. Danang

Banh Loc has long been considered a traditional dish of the Hue people. You can find Hue Banh Loc in many different locations throughout the city, from street vendors along the streets to sidewalk shops or high-end buffet restaurants in hotels. With such a large number of places to sell Hue Banh Loc, many visitors to Hue wonder? Where does Banh Loc come from so much? Which place sells standard Hue Banh Loc?

The main answer is that Hue has a lot of Banh Loc addresses, most of which are small Banh Loc street vendors, relatively big Banh Loc bakeries specializing in wholesale, and especially shops specializing in selling Hue Banh Loc to meet the needs of many visitors and diners. Hue Banh Loc Ba Van is one of the reputable shops selling Banh Loc, a standard flavor of delicious Hue Banh Loc, specialized in serving to sell to tourists as well as courier as gifts to relatives in other places.

What is special about Hue Ba Van Banh Loc?

Hue Banh Loc that Ba Van produces is made from fresh shrimp and meat, spices are seasoned according to the recipe to make Hue standards. Tapioca flour is mixed with boiling water in a sufficient ratio so that it is just sticky enough that when put into the banana leaves it is neither too liquid nor too thick. At that time, the crust of the cake was thick enough, wrapped in a piece of shrimp filling with a rich flavor and little fatty meat. When boiled, Hue Banh Loc Ba Van sees both the red color of shrimp and the clear yellow color of pork fat slices. In addition, the skill of wrapping banana leaves of Banh Loc Ba Van artisans is also very skillful so that the outer leaf layer is not ragged to fit well to fold beautifully rounded and flat according to the amount of cake inside.

All stages of making a delicious Hue Banh Loc with Ms. Van's brand must be carefully measured with the desire that each cake must be both beautiful and delicious, meeting the standards between the proportions of delicious dough. Hue Banh Loc does not need to be too big, because it will be satiated quickly. However, it must ensure the juicy taste of shrimp, and the fragrant fat of meat mixed together.

In addition to the quality of Hue Banh Loc, Hue Ba Van Banh Loc pays special attention to food hygiene and safety, packaging and preservation so that Hue Banh Loc to customers must be the best Banh Loc and the customer experience must be the best.

Bánh lọc Huế

 Raw Hue Banh Loc is vacuum-sealed and carefully frozen. Each bag of  Banh Loc will come with fish sauce and chili

Ingredients that Hue Banh Loc Ba Van used to make delicious Hue Banh Loc

•  Banana leaves – Width about 14 cm, length about 17 cm.

•  Bacon cut into small pieces – 100 grams

•  Fresh shrimps have their heads and tails cut off, leaving only the shell of the shrimps – 200 grams

•  Hue original tapioca flour is about 300 grams.

•  Some spices such as Cooking oil, fish sauce, seasoning seeds, sugar, pepper, chopped chili... to make shrimp.

How to preserve Hue Banh Loc Ba Van after buying

To preserve Hue Banh Loc after buying from Ba Van, you can do the following:

* Preservation of raw Banh Loc

•  Keep Banh Loc in a dry and cool environment. Usually, in such an environment it can be left for 2-3 days.

•  Store the Banh Loc in the refrigerator to preserve the freshness of the cake. Keep in the refrigerator's freezer compartment will be secured within 5-7 days. The freezer will last 10-15 days at best.

Hue filter cakeStoring Hue Banh Loc in the freezer will keep the freshness of the cake for many days

* Preservation of cooked Banh Loc

For cooked Banh Loc, it should be eaten after steaming for 1-2 hours. After steaming, it can be stored in the refrigerator, but steaming many times makes the filter cake no longer delicious. After steaming, it is recommended to leave about 5 minutes for the filter cake to turn from hot to warm, then it will be very delicious.

Instructions on how to steam Ba Van Banh Loc

•  First, take the raw Banh Loc that has been frozen out. It can be thawed for 10-15 minutes or steamed immediately.

•  Prepare a steamer, then put in Banh Loc all on the steamer tray (steamed raisin) and put on the pot.
Note: Place Banh Loc evenly on the tray, do not let it overlap so that the filter cake does not cook evenly.

Hue Banh Loc is arranged evenly on the steaming tray so that after steaming the cake is cooked more evenly

•  Leave it on the steamer. After that, place the steamer tray on top of the steamer. At the bottom of the pot, fill it with water, about 1/3 of the steamer.

 Hue Banh Loc will be steamed for a period of 20 minutes to 25 minutes

•  Put the lid on and start turning on the gas or electric stove. The average steaming time will be about 20-25 minutes and Banh Loc will cook evenly. The boiling steam from the water will cook Banh Loc.

Results after steaming,

Hue Banh Loc after steaming will clearly see shrimp and small fatty meat slices as shown. Hue Banh Loc is delicious not because of its large size, but because of the rich taste of shrimp, fatty meat, and the salty spiciness of the dipping sauce.
How to make Hue standard Banh Loc dipping sauce

 Hue Banh Loc after steaming will have a transparent color, clearly seeing shrimp and fatty meat

The formula for making dipping sauce for Hue standard Banh Loc is as follows:

Ingredients for Hue Banh sauce

• 2 to 3 tablespoons fish sauce

• 1 tablespoon of sugar

How to make Hue Banh Loc sauce

• Step 1:   Mix the fish sauce with sugar in a glass bowl or any other bowl.

• Step 2:   Pour boiling water into the cup and stir the thing.

• Step 3:   The dipping sauce will be finished and can be used with Banh Loc. You can add more peppers or chili powder to have a more spicy taste. 
Note: The amount of fish sauce, and sugar can be adjusted according to the sweetness or salinity favorite of each person.

How to make delicious Hue Banh Loc fish sauce

Hue Ba Van Banh Loc is committed to:

•    Selected raw materials of shrimp and meat are all fresh materials. Therefore, when eating Hue Banh Loc, it will feel the fresh sweetness of shrimp and fatty meat.

•    Hue Banh Loc is made in a clean environment and ensures food hygiene and safety.

•    Hue Banh Loc is made to be as quality as possible.

•    The raw Hue Banh Loc will be carefully vacuumed and frozen to keep it fresh and guests can transport it to distant provinces or bring it home as a gift.

•    Hue Ba Van Banh Loc when packing foam containers for guests are all clean foam containers.

•    As soon as the customer receives Hue Banh Loc, the consultant will support him/her on how to steam delicious as well as how to preserve food for a long time.

If you have the opportunity to visit Hue and want to choose Hue Banh Loc and some famous specialties of Hue as gifts, please contact Hue Banh Loc Ba Van immediately. Hue Banh Loc Ba Van with professional service and experience to support customers to pack and transport products far away will surely make visitors and diners satisfied.