D.Map - Information Search Application for People with Disabilities
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In order to support people with disabilities to find public facilities accessible in Vietnam in general and Hue in particular, Kham Pha Hue would like to introduce the access map D.Map so that disadvantaged people and tourists can approach and visit Hue in the most convenient way.

D.Map was born from a social project of the Center for Disability and Development (DRD) implemented in 2015 with Hoa Sen University as the main partner. The project is funded by UNIID SEA.

D.Map, which stands for Disability Map, is a map aimed at helping people with disabilities find accessible public facilities.

Accessibility is defined under the Law on People with Disabilities of Vietnam, which came into effect on January 01/01/2011 2011: “Accessibility is the use by persons with disabilities of public facilities, means of transport, information technology, cultural services, sports, tourism and other services suitable to be able to integrate into the community.”

The approach items that D.Map aims for among them are public facilities, of various types of destinations: from restaurants, shopping places, entertainment spots to religious places.

For people with disabilities, D.Map is an effective information channel to be able to search for built locations with accessibility items. The updated locations at D.Map are parks, offices, offices, and bars that meet the needs of everyone, including people with disabilities.

At the same time, D.Map is an opportunity to show interest in and contribute to supporting people with disabilities. The Vietnamese – English bilingual DMAP access map on the IOS and Android platforms provides information on destinations that people with disabilities can access, helping to improve the integration of people with disabilities into society. The DMAP map allows people to help supplement information about accessible destinations, helping the community become aware of the legitimate inclusion needs of people with disabilities in the context of unmet urban infrastructure.

To access public facilities that support people with disabilities, people with disabilities/people without disabilities can download the D.Map app at the following addresses:

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In the long run, DRD expects that with D.Map, the awareness of more and more people in society will positively impact the behavior of others and government agencies so that public facilities are adjusted and built toward accessibility.