• Dai Nam brings with it the sophistication of royal cuisine mixed with a little variation of street style
    Phone: 091 342 41 01
    Address: 02 Doan Thi Diem, Dong Ba Ward, Hue City (Corner of Doan Thi Diem and Nguyen Bieu)
    Đại Nam restaurant is located near the Imperial City of Huế and exudes a classical charm that harmonizes with the heritage of the ancient Hue Citadel. The dominant color scheme of the restaurant is a rich brown, complemented by wooden furnishings, creating an elegant yet cozy and familiar atmosphere.
  • Phone: 0905 142 200
    Address: 205 Dien Bien Phu - 98 Minh Mang - 76 Le Loi, City. Hue
    The Ancient Space is a restaurant with an antique space and distinctive Ruong house architecture, set within a spacious area of over 2000 square meters right in the center of the city. It serves as a popular destination for those seeking to indulge in the unique cuisine of Huế, a renowned attraction for both domestic and international tourists during their journeys to explore and appreciate the beauty of Huế.
  • Hue Claypot Rice Restaurant - Phuong Mai
    Phone: 0357487575
    Address: 179 Khai Dinh, Thuy Bang, Hue city
    The restaurant is intended for guests who want to escape the monotony of daily life by dining in a casual setting that is rich in food. Natural specialties in the mountains are the highlight of Phuong Mai Restaurant.
  • Phone: 097 284 02 46
    Address: 04 Tran Anh Lien, Hue
    Claypot rice restaurant with typical Hue dishes
  • Vy Da Xua Coffee & Restaurant
    Phone: +84 234 393 3636
    Address: 131 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Hue City.
    Hue royal and rustic cuisine space
  • Phone: 0788525179
    Address: 01 Nguyen Thai Hoc st, Phu Hoi, Hue
    CHAN is not a restaurant, Chan is a place to inspire love for Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Nam Chau Hoi Quan is formed from early nineteenth century. This used to be considered a cultural institution of the ancient village of South China, is the meeting, exchange of mandarin Nguyen Dynasty from the South to work in the capital of Phu Xuan Hue.
  • Ancient and poetic scene of Y Thao Garden restaurant
    Phone: 0234.3523018
    Address: 03 Thach Han Street, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City
    Y Thao Garden is located at 03 Thach Han Street, which is a suitable place for those who love and are passionate about learning the architecture and cuisine of Hue.