• Phone: +84 775 525 679
    Address: 2nd Floor Dong Ba Market, 02 Tran Hung Dao, Hue City
    De Po coffee shop in Hue is an interesting destination for those who want to find a unique space combined with great coffee taste
  • Mo he. Cafe - Beer from the front door
    Address: 170 Dinh Tien Hoang, Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue City
    In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, have you found a peaceful private corner for yourself?
  • Address: 20 Phu Mong, Kim Long Ward, Hue City (from Gia Vien Bridge to 500m more)
    Lang Thang Coffee with open space, and relaxing design
  • KODO Cafe Hue
    Address: 36-38 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Huong Long Ward, Hue City
    KODO Cafe - A beautiful garden cafe in Hue has just opened
  • Diamond Coffee
    Phone: 079 988 2982
    Address: 27 Tran Quang Khai, Hue City
    Meeting place with friends enjoying a cool drink, and taking pictures of each other to remember the times of coming here in the heart of the poetic city of Hue
  • Sline Coffee Signature
    Phone: +84 234 3901 111
    Address: 07 Pham Hong Thai, Vinh Ninh Ward, Hue City
    Sline Coffee Signature, which recently opened its third location at 07 Pham Hong Thai, Hue City, is quickly becoming one of the most fascinating check-in coffee spots, enticing young people to meet "virtual life" while studying and working, reading in the shop while enjoying the fresh air, extremely relaxing!
  • 1988 Café & Aquarium
    Phone: +84 91 359 25 52
    Address: 129 Le Ngo Cat, Thuy Xuan Ward, Hue City
    Located at 129 Le Ngo Cat Street, Hue City, 1988 Café & Aquarium is a cafe with a gentle style, meticulously arranged in each space and location. If you are a first-time visitor to 1988 Café & Aquarium, you will probably have a little bit of trouble choosing a seat because… every corner is beautiful.
  • AHU 음료수 Coffee
    Phone: +84 82 266 6123
    Address: 350 Bui Thi Xuan, Thuy Bieu ward, Hue city
    Right after arriving at AHU Coffee, diners will be extremely interested in the airy design from the outside with bold Korean style. The main design tones of AHU coffee are white and brown - to win, label and create a sense of light feeling in every corner.
  • Cinestar Hue
    Phone: +84 234 730 0081
    Address: 25 Hai Ba Trung, Vinh Ninh ward, Hue city
    Located in the heart of Hue city, Cinestar Hue is a diverse entertainment complex: cinema, arcade games, children's playground, bowling, billiard, coffee shop, and especially Mon Ngon Hue restaurant, too convenient for meeting and having fun with family and friends in Hue.