• Address: Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy, Thua Thien Hue
    Khai Dinh Tomb, also known as Ung Lang (應陵) is the tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh (1885-1925), the 12th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty
  • Address: Phuoc Vinh Ward, An Cuu, Hue City
    Duc Duc Mausoleum is a relic in the Hue ancient capital relic complex recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage on December 11, 1993. The mausoleum is located in An Cuu Ward, Hue City.
  • Address: Tam Thai Mountain, An Tay Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue
    Not as magnificent, as superficial as other Nguyen dynasty tombs, King Hiep Hoa's tomb is simple, small, and nestled in the middle of a pine forest canopy in An Tay ward, Hue City.
  • Tomb of Van Van (Photo: Nguyen Tan Anh Phong)
    Address: 10 Tran Thanh Mai, An Dong ward, Hue city
    More than 5km southeast of Hue Citadel, Tien Cung Mausoleum (僊宮陵) or Tu Thong Mausoleum (思聰陵), also known as Van Van Mausoleum. This is the tomb of Huu Thien Thuan Empress Duong Thi Thuc (1868 - 1944), wife of Dong Khanh king, and mother of Khai Dinh emperor, which is one of the largest queen tombs in Hue.
  • Address: Duong Xuan Thuong village, Cu Chanh canton, Thuy Bieu commune, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city.
    Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc is considered as one of the four most beautiful mausoleums in the ancient capital, recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, and honored to be one of the first historical sites in Vietnam to participate in 3D digital museums under the framework of Google Arts & Culture project.
  • (Photo: Toan Huynh)
    Address: 23/8 Street, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province
    Within nearly 400 years (1558-1945), Hue were successively the Capital city under 9 reigns of Nguyen Lords in Dang Trong, the Capital city of Tay Son Dynasty and then the Capital of the united country under the reign of 13 Emperors of Nguyen Dynasty.
  • An Dinh palace(Photo: Bao Minh)
    Address: 179 Phan Dinh Phung street, Hue city, Vietnam
    Located by the bank of An Cuu canal, An Dinh palace used to be the private residence of Nguyen Phuc Buu Dao (later the king Khai Dinh). This construction was renovated in modern style between 1917-1919 and officially became the residence of the crown-prince Vinh Thuy (later Bao Dai king).
  • Address: Huong Tho, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue province
    Gia Long Tomb or Thien Tho Mausoleum (天授陵), is the tomb of Emperor Gia Long (1762-1820), the founding king of the Nguyen Dynasty.
  • Minh Mang Tomb
    Address: Huong Tho, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue
    Minh Mang Tomb, also known as Hieu Mausoleum (孝陵), is the resting place of the 2nd emperor under the Nguyen Dynasty - Emperor Minh Mang.
  • Address: Doan Nhu Hai, Thuy Xuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue
    The tomb of Emperor Dong Khanh, also known as Tu Lang (思陵) is a relic belonging to the complex of relics of Hue ancient capital, the burial place of Emperor Dong Khanh - the ninth emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnamese history, reigned from 1888 to 1889.