• Sour shrimp - a characteristic dish of Hue cuisine in Vietnam
    Hue Sour Shrimp is a distinctive type of fish sauce that is famous in Huế, used as a dipping sauce for boiled meat in traditional family meals in Huế, both in the past and present. "Tôm chua" is perhaps the most widely sold specialty gift item in Huế. Explore Huế introduces to tourists the top 7 reputable addresses for wholesale and retail of delicious, authentic "Tôm chua Huế," ensuring food safety and hygiene.
  • Bánh Khoái also know as Hue style Vietnamese Crepe
    In addition to the well-known eateries serving bánh bèo, nậm, and lọc that many tourists enjoy when visiting Huế, the delicious Vietnamese Crepe in Huế has also become a familiar option for tourists and even a must-visit for food enthusiasts in the area. Here, we'll introduce some of the famous traditional Vietnamese Crepe establishments in Huế in the hope of satisfying visitors and food lovers.
  • In the North, it is called Tào Phớ, in the South, it is called Tàu Hủ, and in Hue, it is called Đậu Hũ. Tofu pudding in Hue is a familiar, simple, healthy, and harmless dish with a delicious and attractive flavor. For Hue tofu pudding, there is a little crushed or sliced ginger, which is fragrant and slightly spicy, and a little boiled sugar water. The tofu pudding is cut into small pieces. Those who like to eat hot can leave them as they are, while in the summer, adding some ice cubes is incredibly refreshing.
  • Indulge in the flavors of Xôi Bắp Huế, a Vietnamese culinary delight that combines the sweetness of corn with the comforting texture of sticky rice.
  • Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled pork noodle) is a highly popular Hue speciality dish. Despite the fact that this dish is popular all across the country, Hue is known for its unique style.
  • A tray of water fern cake (Photo: Internet)
    Being known for its distinctive gastronomy, Hue locals has an elegant way of enjoying food. This special feature can be clearly shown through Banh beo (Hue water fern cake) - an irreplaceable specialty of Hue locals.
  • Photo: Internet
    Hen Islet is not only famous for mussel rice, but also the delicious corn sweet soup that can only be found in Hue. In Hen Islet, there are dozens of hectares of mudflat where locals grow corn almost all year long (except for 3 flood months). Thanks to the fertilized soil after flood, corn grown in Hen Islet is very tasty.
  • Gastronomy is a part of Hue culture. It shows locals' personality, behavior and life style. According to researcher Le Nguyen Luu who has over 1000 studies on Hue history and culture, Hue dining is a form of culture and is divided into royal gastronomy and folk gastronomy.
  • This imperial dish was created in Hue to appease a hungry emperor. Khoái roughly translates to 'happy'. It's been said that it gets the name from the look of the folded over pancake -- like a big smiling mouth.
  • Hue is one of major tourist spots in the Central region of Vietnam because it’s a world’s cultural heritage. Foreign visitors love this place because of its peaceful and quiet environment. Girls are known for their charming ao dai and riding on bicycles.
  • Hue City has not only poetic landscape with Perfume River but also ancient palaces and tombs. "Com Hen" is traditional dishes of the Hue. "Com hen" is mixed with many rustic foods such as: banana flower, laksa leaves, peanuts… All things mixed with spices to make a bowl of "Com hen" - specialty of Hue.
  • If people come to Hue, they will unforgettable the flavor of Bun bo Hue - a specialty of Hue. A bowl of noodles with white noodles, pieces of pig's trotters… will make unique impression about Hue cuisine.

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