Bustling sea tourism
8/11/2023 7:58:46 AM
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 The beach in Quang Cong commune is attracting visitors. Photo: Ruoc Village
With the number of visitors increasing by 5 - 6 times compared to that of last year, many beaches located from Hai Duong commune (Hue City) to Quang Ngan commune (Quang Dien district) are bustling. The potential for sea tourism in these places is expected to develop further thanks to the "advantages" of satisfying visitors.
The beach in Quang Cong commune is attracting visitors. Photo: Ruoc Village

 Gradually diversifying groups of visitors

On the weekend, Tan My Beach (Quang Ngan commune) is quite crowded with visitors who go to the beach to swim and experience. 12 restaurants and food stores at this beach are mostly filled with customers; some of them are operating at full capacity.

Mr. Tran Tuat, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Ngan commune excitedly shared: “There is a large number of visitors on Saturdays and Sundays. The peak number of visitors is thousands per day. Compared to 2022, the number of visitors has increased by about 5 times this year. In addition to the visitors in families, there are also groups of visitors from agencies, units, and schools who are going to the beach for a summer vacation.”

The communes of Quang Ngan and Quang Cong (Quang Dien district) have 12km of coastline featuring many beautiful beaches, namely Tan My, Cuong Giang, Tan Thanh, and An Loc, etc., with moderate depth, clear blue water, and long stretch of white sand. Thanks to the wild beauty and many typical local dishes, visitors are more and more interested in coming there, then spreading their recommendation to friends and relatives.

Ms. Le Thi Hang, the owner of Hang beach restaurant, An Loc shared: “My restaurant has just been opened since July, with 50 tables. The good thing is that it is crowded not only on weekends but also on weekdays; among them are mainly non-local visitors who arrive to swim and eat seafood."

According to Mr. Vo Duc Khiem, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Cong commune, the number of visitors, traveling in tour groups by 45–50-seater buses to the beaches of Cuong Giang, Tan Thanh and An Loc, is quite large. Compared to previous years, this year’s number of visitors has increased by 5-6 times. Some surveys about feedback from visitors also show their high evaluation and desire to return.

 Visitors swimming at Hai Duong (Hue City)


Along with the beaches in Quang Cong and Quang Ngan communes of Quang Dien district, Hai Duong Beach (Hue City) is also crowded with visitors on weekends. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh, a visitor shared: "As this place has beautiful rocky beaches and sea, which is suitable for posing for checking-in photos as well as good services, my family and I love to come here".

Recently, with the aim to attract visitors, the localities have focused on investing in infrastructure and service quality. Quang Dien district alone has implemented many solutions to exploit and promote the strengths of the sea for tourism development.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Truyen, Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Cong commune, informed that by resources, the district had invested in facilities and technical infrastructure for the development of services and tourism, including expanding and renewing a number of routes, setting up welcome gates, tourist parking lots, building watchtowers to ensure the safety of visitors when swimming; leveling the ground, rearranging restaurants and facilitating the opening of some more business establishments to promote services, in order to meet the needs of visitors. A number of homestay accommodation facilities are invested and built to serve the accommodation demand of visitors.

According to Mr. Hoang Huu Dat, the owner of the Ruoc Village resort, the resort has been operating since April 2023, and receiving a quite large number of visitors. For visitors, they choose these beaches because they are clean and beautiful, and the food is delicious and cheap. Compared to many other beaches, the price of food services is quite affordable, which is the same for both visitors and locals. In addition, some beaches also provide free services such as parking, fresh water bathing and changing rooms, etc.

The development of sea tourism in these beaches not only brings tourism revenue, but also creates valuable effects. Fishermen are also able to sell fresh seafood to customers without going through traders, while many local workers have more jobs.

Expanding and improving service quality

The positive signal of sea tourism in the north of Hue City opens opportunities for localities to attract investment, expand and improve service quality further, so as to attract more visitors.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Ngan commune, Mr. Tran Tuat said that the investment in development and assurance of services to keep visitors were always carried out in parallel. As the number of visitors increases, the issues of food safety and hygiene, environmental hygiene, and the safety of visitors must be paid even more attention. The locality has already set up self-management teams, in charge of checking and ensuring the safety of visitors as well as advising them to swim in safe waters, and not to swim when there are big waves. Besides, warning buoys are also placed.

The interdisciplinary inspection team of the district and communes has also inspected and guided business households to complete all procedures, from business licenses, and health checks, to food safety certification; as well as listing reasonable prices and serving visitors thoughtfully. At the same time, garbage collection service is carried out periodically; and the localities also implement the "Green Sunday" movement to clean the beaches.