Vegetarian Noodles of Hue
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Wandering around Hue on the full moon, the first lunar day, visitors are not surprised and excited at the scene of ordinary noodles shops suddenly turning into attractive, unique vegetarian noodles shops.
Source: @Hue

Wandering around Hue on the full moon, the first lunar day, visitors are not surprised and excited at the scene of ordinary noodles shops suddenly turning into attractive, unique vegetarian noodles shops.

Most Hue women know how to cook vegetarian noodles. Not only cooking on vegetarian days, but this is also a cool dish, that still ensures the amount of protein and nutrition; brings a light feeling, and changes the taste of family meals without boring.


In a bowl of simple vegetarian noodles and Hue people converge no less than ten types of ingredients that are all-natural, nutritious foods, and absolutely do not use vegetarian ingredients available elsewhere. Cooking vegetarian noodles is quite simple, but to have a sweet and fragrant vegetarian cooker is not easy, it must be skillful from the preparation of ingredients to taste.

The missy selling noodles in Hue often joke that "Vegetarian noodles has nothing in it, you can cook whatever you want", but actually, to cook a complete cooker of Hue vegetarian noodles has no less than 10 ingredients. These are fresh, green vegetables that are carefully selected. In particular, do not use pre-sold ingredients, making the dish not reach the required sweetness. 

In a bowl of vegetarian noodles, no matter how big the variation, tofu is indispensable. The tofu is cut into small molds, fried with very hot oil until golden, then removed, and drained. Coagulated mushroom, shiitake mushroom soaked in warm water for about 30 minutes, cut into small pieces. The noodles are chopped into bite-sized pieces, marinated with sugar, soy sauce, vegetarian seasoning powder and then left for about an hour to absorb. Heat the pan with oil, add leek first, then put all the noodles, tofu, coagulated mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms later, season with spices and sauté to deepen the flavor.

Dried bamboo shoots have been soaked in warm water, rinsed, then boiled for about 20 minutes and washed with cold water, then boiled a second time until soft, squeezed to dry the water, choosing only young parts cut into marinated pieces with spices.

After finishing the preliminary processing, cooking the broth. Before cooking, add a little oil with leek and chinese onion to create a fragrance. Then put the water to boil. Boiling water, add the smashed lemongrass along with carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, soybeans, pumpkin to cook. Next, add the tofu, pineapple, mushroom mixture, bamboo shoots, and tofu skin. Finally, taste and sprinkle leek leaves on top. The secret to natural sweet noodles is to add a small piece of alum sugar.

Vegetarian noodles won't be complete without soy sauce, fermented tofu and raw vegetables. Broths extracted from the sweet taste of foods are fruits that bring a delicate and unique taste to vegetarian noodles.

Some vegetable ingredients commonly used to cook Hue vegetarian such as Tofu, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Tree Ear, Straw mushroom or Snow fungus, Bamboo shoots, Tofu Skin, Pineapple, Carrot, Pumpkin, Lemongrass, Beans… Therefore, when processed into finished products, diners will be satisfied with a bowl of noodles in full color: the green of raw vegetables; the red color of peppers, and carrots; the black of tree ear; the yellow color of peas, roasted tofu, roasted peanuts and white color of boiled jackfruit, rice paper, rice noodle… creating an irresistible attraction.

Value of Culinary Heritage:

A bowl of vegetarian noodles converges all 5 salty – sweet – fatty – mild – sour flavors, symbolizing the five elements as common dishes of the ancient capital, proving the cooking talent of Hue people before and now.


Address of some vegetarian noodles shops in Hue city:

- Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant - 11 Le Loi

- Ms. Oanh Vegetarian Noodles - 34 Le Hong Phong

- Ms. Tu Vegetarian Noodles - 13 Nguyen Khoa Chiem

- Tam Thien Vegetarian Restaurant - 27 Ba Trieu

- Vegetarian Noodles - 24 Tran Phu

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