[HUE TRADITIONAL CRAFT FESTIVAL 2023] - Culinary Festival "The Quintessence of Bun (Vermicelli)"
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Taking place from April 29 to May 2 at Thuong Bac Park, this year's Culinary Festival with the theme "The quintessence of vermicelli" is held boldly in the traditional cultural and culinary space of Hue, with many diverse forms: exhibitions, experiences, entertainment, shopping, attracting about 50 stalls, food festivals introducing traditional cuisine, specialty items of Hue and other provinces and cities.


🔴 Time: 19:30 on April 29. From April 29 to May 2, 2023
🔴 Location: Thuong Bac Park, Hue
Held within the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2023, the Culinary Festival "The Quintessence of Bun" brings:
- "Exhibition": Space to display and introduce the value of noodle craft: Agricultural tools, tools for noodle production; Space for display, exchange, games with prizes and invites to experience dry noodle products.
- "Experience": Experience making vermicelli and enjoying dishes from Bun
- "Have fun": Watch artisans perform the process of making Bun with the stages of rice selection, rice screening, rice soaking, flour milling, wrapping the flour filter, and producing Bun...
- "Shopping": Have the opportunity to buy Bun products and products made from Noodles right at the festival.
- And other special activities taking place from April 29 to May 2, 2023

In addition to the opening ceremony with the general art program "Fire, water and food", the highlight is the quintessence of traditional Hue cuisine, the food festival includes the following main activities: Performing the journey of vermicelli making; promoting dishes from vermicelli, Hue dishes and cakes; culinary space in Hue garden; North - Central - South cuisine; festival space of sponsors and night honoring the heart for "Hue - Culinary capital"…

Along with booths introducing three regions' cuisines from 7 provinces and cities, the food festival also has 16 stalls of wards and communes in the city. Hue. The stalls will participate in the contest "Culinary Space in Hue Garden" with dishes of vermicelli, noodles, Hue traditional dishes according to the criteria: beautiful space, poetic decoration, and delicious dishes beautifully displayed.

This year's food festival does not have a closing ceremony. The night honoring the value of "Hue - Culinary capital" will close the festival to open many other programs to keep tradition and create the future.