[HUE TRADITIONAL CRAFT FESTIVAL 2023] - Huong So Cake Village Festival
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As an activity in response to the Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2023, the Huong So Bakery Village Festival 2023 will be held from April 29 to May 02, 29 at the Stage of Cultural Park (29 Nguyen Van Linh, Huong So Ward, Hue City).
Address: 29 Nguyen Van Linh, Huong So ward, Hue city
Opening Time: 29/4 - 02/5/2023

Banh Beo, Nam, Loc is a famous dish of the culinary quintessence of Hue. However, not everyone knows that these dishes were born in the 19,th century, and the starting place of this famous dish is Duc Buu Village (now in Huong So Ward, Hue City).

On January 11/01/2021, 55/ the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province issued Decision No. 55/QD-UBND on the recognition of Banh Beo, Nam, Loc of Duc Buu Village - Huong So Ward, Hue City as a traditional craft village in Thua Thien Hue province. 

Appearing more than 150 years ago, the craft of making Banh Beo, Nam, Loc has been associated with the cultural life of the Duc Buu people. The common characteristics of Duc Buu cakes are made from fresh ingredients. From the dough to the filling, the cake is carefully selected. Each type of cake is a different recipe, but in general, Duc Buu cakes always carry the local color of Hue, which is simple, slender, small. Each cake made is cherished by the people here, taking care of with much effort and enthusiasm to preserve and preserve the traditional craft of Duc Buu village.

In 2012, travel website CNNGo (CNN) ranked Banh Loc in the top 30 best cakes in the world, comparable to delicacies such as Italian Ravioli, Turkish Manti, Russian Pelmeni, Shanghai dumplings… Along with Banh Beo, Nam, Hue Banh Loc has long been not only a simple hometown gift but also a pride of Vietnamese cuisine.

Coming to Huong So Cake Village Festival 2023, people and visitors can come to Duc Buu Village to enjoy this cuisine, especially at the contest "Making traditional Banh Beo, Nam, Loc" on the morning of May 01, 2023 at Duc Post Village's communal house, Huong So Ward within the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2023.