Thuy Bieu in Moring and Tam Giang in Afternoon Tour
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Routes: Hue City - Thuy Bieu - Tam Giang - Hue City Itinerary: 1 day

First of all, Huetourist would like to send our best wishes to health and success. Thank you for your cooperation in the past.
Currently, traveling with local people is becoming a trend. In order to meet that need, Huetourist has conducted research and designed a new daily tour: "Thuy Bieu- Tam Giang tour" (Tour to Thuy Bieu - fruit orchard, famous for Thanh Tra on the morning, Dam Chuon - part of the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia on the afternoon). The tour highlights are as follows:
·  Enjoy local food at Thuy Bieu and lagoon seafood
·  Homestay in Thuy Bieu and in Chuon lagoon
·  Experience a day doing farming in Thuy Bieu and fishermen in the lagoon
·  Reasonable tour price
·  The tour runs all year round. Flexible to organize 1 day or ½ day.

08:00- 08:30: Tour guide picks up you from your hotel for Thuy Bieu village tour on a dragon boat
09:30:             Get to the village, you will enjoy lotus tea in a garden house, then you go to the farm to experience doing farm or preparing for lunch with the locals
12:00:             Having lunch and chatting with the locals in a garden house, you also can take off the fruit in garden for dessert.
14:30:             After that, you will get in the car for the trip to Tam Giang Lagoon- the biggest lagoon system of South- East Asia
                        On a boat, you will sightseeing the lagoon.  
                        You go fishing in the lagoon like an authentic fisher.
                        Then having dinner in Chuon Lagoon restaurant
17:30:              Get on boat to see the sunset and come back to Hue City by car.
Price: Details
×          Water (2 bottles 500 ml/ day)  and insurance
×          Tour guide
×          Bicycle
×          Boat (Tam Giang)
×          2 meals (the lunch in Thuy Bieu and the dinner in Tam Giang lagoon)
×          Dragon boat on Huong River
×          Experience fee in Tam Giang and Thuy Bieu
×          Car
×          Personal fee
×          Tip for tour guide  (20 000/ person)
×          Drink at the meal
Daily tour
Policy for Children:
- Children younger  than 5 years old: free
- Children from 6- 10 years old: 30% discount
- Children older than 10 years old: as adult price
v  The other options:
- Only Thuy Bieu tour: 600 000 dong/ person
- Only Tam Giang tour:  600 000 dong/ person