Ancient Hue Garden Houses
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Ancient Hue Garden Houses
Ancient Hue Garden Houses is a resort combining "Ancient Hue" and "Garden House", which means that we can both rest in classic wooden houses imbued with Hue tradition while living and enjoying the green natural space at the Garden House.
Ancient Hue Garden Houses
Address: 104/47 Kim Long Street, Kim Long Ward, Hue City
Opening Time: 24/7
Status: Opening
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Ancient Hue Garden Houses located at 47 Kiet 104, Kim Long, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam.  Kim Long, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Việt Nam. Ancient Hue Garden Houses are close to Thai Hoa Palace, overlooking the romantic Huong River and Thien Mu Pagoda nearby. Ancient Hue Garden Houses is a resort combining "Ancient Hue" and "Garden House", which means that we can both rest in classic wooden houses imbued with Hue tradition while living and enjoying the green natural space at the Garden House.

Ancient Hue Garden Houses has 5 ancient wooden houses including Vong Canh House, Truong Tien House, Bach Ma House, Kim Phung House, Ngu Binh House with a capacity of 8 rooms, prominently located in the garden. The surrounding view is a swimming pool that clearly shows the most authentic view of the golden history of the ancient palace.

Although the main theme of Ancient Hue Garden Houses is classic, still ensures to provide guests with a new and modern system of facilities. Ancient Hue Garden Houses also provide services that meet most of the needs of customers while staying here with an efficient and fast service attitude.


Style of design

Inspired by Hue royal culture, Ancient Hue Garden Houses is built in the architecture of a real palace, hidden in the middle of the vast green forest. Classical royal architecture in harmony with nature has created the typical traditional color of Hue, the noble essence of the ancient Nguyen Dynasty has also been fully retained on each wooden line of the architectural works at Ancient Hue Garden Houses.

Accommodation in Ancient Hue Garden Houses

The special thing about the Garden Houses at Ancient Hue are their names, the names of the Houses are of historical and cultural significance or scenic in Hue. Ancient Hue equipped the basic but modern items to serve visitors such as aircon, mini bar, internal phone,…

* Vong Canh House

Vong Canh House was named by Ancient Hue Garden House after a famous natural place – Vong Canh Hill. Vong Canh is inspired by ancient royal architecture, a journey into the Soul of Hue city.

Vong Canh House is surrounded by a landscaped garden, with a private terrace and bathrooms. The house has 2 bedrooms with a size of 33,7m2 (including double beds and double rooms), and each room has its own terrace with a size of 9,6m2.

* Truong Tien House

Truong Tien House was named by Ancient Hue Garden Houses after Truong Tien Bridge – the bridge connecting the two banks of the Perfume River. The house is decorated with the main theme of traditional instruments such as gongs, flutes and strings along with paintings of famous performers.

Truong Tien House is also surrounded by a landscaped garden, with a private terrace and bathrooms. The size of Truong Tien House is somewhat smaller than the size of Vong Canh House, with 2 bedrooms (1 double bed and 1 twin bedroom) the area of each room is 32,7m2 Truong Tien House is fully equipped with basic and modern furniture, suitable for small families to travel together.

* Bach Ma House

Bach Ma House – the name of a majestic mountain range, located in the west of Hue Ancient Capital. Because of the greatness and majesty of the mountain, Bach Ma House is also the largest room of the Ancient Hue Garden Houses, the house is designed according to the theme of honoring Hue royal costumes and accessories.

Bach Ma House has the following dimensions: 2 bedrooms (double): 50m2 per room. The characteristics of the White Horse House are somewhat more special than the Vong Canh House such as a bathroom equipped with Jacuzzi massage bathtubs, solar water system, and accessories such as mirror, hair dryer, makeup table, suitable for a close friend or a large family with many generations.

* Kim Phung House

Kim Phung House was named by Ancient Hue after Kim Phung mountain, also known as the "Though" mountain or "Thien Du" mountain. Located near Hai Cat village, with a height of 427 meters, it is the highest mountain in the Hue area. Vietnam's ancient poetry is the main theme the Ancient Hue Garden Houses designed and decorated for Kim Phung's house. The famous Tale of Kieu poem is carved on the wooden wall of the house along with a painting of the character Kieu illustrating the poem in a subtle and figurative way.

Kim Phung House is designed with a small bedroom of 1m37.4 including toilet, kitchen, bathtub, 7.6m2 indoor yard, 9.6m2 terrace. The characteristic of the Kim Phung House is the kitchen corner that allows visitors to comfortably cook their favorite meals in the house, suitable for couples who want to go on vacation together.

* Ngu Binh House

Ancient Hue Garden House chose to name this house after Ngu Binh mountain. Ngu Binh mountain is a mountain close to Hue, also known as "Royal Screen". If the Kim Phung House chooses the story of Kieu as the main theme, the Ngu Binh House is also the theme of ancient Vietnamese poetry with poems commemorating Ho Xuan Huong, one of the greatest classical poets of Vietnam.

Poems and paintings are decorated in Ngu Binh House, following the Imperial style under the Nguyen dynasty with a size just enough for those who like to travel alone with 1 Bedroom 42.8m2 including toilet, kitchen, and terrace 9m2.

Experience Guide:

Outstanding services of Ancient Hue Garden Houses

* Kim Long Fine Dining Restaurant

Kim Long Fine Dining is located in the Garden House of Ancient Hue with a capacity of up to 40 guests. The restaurant is divided into 3 main areas including Ancestral Temple – an architectural feature imbued with the national cultural spirit that Ancient Hue Garden Houses always focuses on building and exploiting, then a bar in the lobby to receive guests, and the main restaurant area.

Kim Long Fine Dining restaurant serves more than 300 rare and typical dishes of Hue cuisine, accompanied by a unique and scrumptious culinary experience that is the cocktails created by the bartenders of Ancient Hue Garden Houses that blend fine wine with local fruits along with an impressive list of international wines.

* Relaxing spa

Ancient Hue Garden House đã khẳng định rằng du khách có thể khám phá phong cách sống cao quý của Huế bằng cách đến với Ancient Hue's Spa để tận hưởng giây phút tĩnh tâm, phục hồi cơ thể và tinh thần. Spa services at Ancient Hue Garden Houses are extremely diverse with many specialized areas.

* Outdoor pool

Built according to feng shui principles, the outdoor pool is the heart of Ancient Hue Garden Houses. Guests are welcome to host outdoor dining or a lively pool party. Sandstone is used to pave the pool floor, ensuring safety, and being anti-slip for the elderly and children.

** Photo credit: Fanpage Ancient Hue Garden Houses