Nam Chau Hoi Quan
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Nam Chau Hoi Quan is formed from early nineteenth century. This used to be considered a cultural institution of the ancient village of South China, is the meeting, exchange of mandarin Nguyen Dynasty from the South to work in the capital of Phu Xuan Hue.

Today, the site is being rebuilt into a center to organize this kind of culinary arts, is the ideal place for tourists, held weddings, conferences, events, holidays Assembly, banquets and parties summed ...

With a spacious area over 7500m 2 , airy, beautiful landscape garden, Nam Chau Hoi Quan has capacity for 1,500 guests at a time at the restaurant:

Huong Cau: 250
South African 1: 400
South Asia 2 700 visitors
In a unique architectural space, located on a position of historical value, are investing in sync, fully equipped and modern; the type of services varies; management team and professional staff, energetic, considerate, thoughtful; Nam Chau Hoi Quan will be the ideal choice of your guests.

The satisfaction of your guests is the service criteria of the Centers for Eating Nam Chau Hoi Quan.

This is also the attractions, is a reliable place for young couples entrust organizing your big day.

Coming to Nam Chau Hoi Quan for advice organize traditional ceremonies rituals, wedding gowns suitable up special programs for the wedding. We hope to make your wedding become happy moments most memorable of his life

Nam Chau Hoi Quan has prepared many novelties special program to organize ceremonies .The Married ceremonies will be staged thoughtful, solemn ritual tradition of Hue. Special promotions with attractive gifts are waiting for the young couple.

Come to Nam Chau Hoi Quan to your happy day add the perfect and more perfect. 


07 Van Xuan - Hue

 04 Kim Long - Hue
 Sale: 0234.3510.587
 Management: 0905.152.632
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